Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Home of many thoughts, rants, and ponderous puddles

If you have found your way to this spot by accident, you are truly welcome. I have not created this place on the web to speak to anyone in particular.

For friends, parishoners, and enemies - be prepared to learn something new about me.

This is my place to bring the ideas and wonderings of a pastor struggling between the tensions of identifying and living in a postmodern world against the desire to recapture the romance of a Renaissance Man who could operate in many different areanas of life with skill and excellence.

Some simple facts about me:

  • I am a husband and father
  • I am a United Methodist pastor
  • I reside in Oklahoma
  • I love history, science-fiction/fantasy, comic books, and role-play games
  • I classify myself as a short, fat, bald, nerd
What do I intend with this blog:
  • To post thoughts and ideas for feedback and possible sermon material
  • To have a place to vent about those things that frustrate and encourage me
  • To give the people who know me a place to find out what is happening in my life
  • To improve my communication skills
With that said, let the fun begin!
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