Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday School in this era

I announced in my Sunday School class that I was not going to be teaching another class for a while. Because of my stepping down, we will likely lose one of our two adult classes. It is always hard to find someone to step out on faith and start teaching Sunday School. I asked the leadership for their ideas about a new class and there weren't many suggestions forthcoming. So I have to wonder -
  • Is Sunday School a thing of past generations?
  • How does Sunday School continue when there is no excitement or passion for it to continue?
  • Should we continue to offer something that will likely not be done with excellence just for the sake of filling the time?
Growing up, Sunday School came after worship. We shared a pastor with another charge about 15 miles away. We had the early service and Sunday School followed. I was a youth in those days and never stayed in the adult Sunday School class. But we always had adults stick around for that. Then at my last appointment, Sunday School came before worship. In that church Sunday School was as well, or even better, attended than worship.

St. Andrew's does not have a very dynamic adult Sunday School program. That is troubling. First because everyone needs a little more time of study and fellowship with brothers and sisters of the community of faith. Second because it was discovered that a dynamic adult Sunday School program is one of the keys to an effective youth ministry.

So I want to ask you, the reader, :

  1. Why don't you come to Sunday School? If you do, why do you? and What would it take to get you to come to Sunday School regularly?
  2. What kind of class and material would you like to take part in?
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