Monday, June 12, 2006

Dreams, pt. 1

Last week I had some fun with 6-6-06. I hope everyone survived it alright. No new tatoos or bar codes or anything like that!

What are your dreams? Not the dreams you have at night. What do you dream to do or have or become? I watch my boys and see them pretend and get excited about life. And then I look at adults and see reality and the mundane in their eyes. There are so few dreams talked about among adults.

Lisa and I were watching a program on Walt Disney World. She commented about how Walt never saw WDW. Walt died before the Magic Kingdom was built. But I remember reading a comment about Walt's vision for Walt Disney World. One of the last people to talk to Walt was his brother Roy. Their conversation about about the Florida project. Walt, using ceiling tiles as a grid, described in detail the layout of the parks that would become Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Every detail was clear in Walt's mind.

He may have never seen the park in the physical world. But Walt's dream was reality. He SAW Walt Disney World.

So what dreams do you have and how real are they?

I have dreams: writing books, learning to play bagpipes, studying at the Disney Institute, watching my sons grow up into talented and respectable men. I dream of finding some hidden treasures with a metal detector and going to Disney World every year. And my dreams excite me to the point of making them reality.

Take some time this week to think about your dreams. What can you make real in some way in the next couple of weeks? What would you like to do, have, become?
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