Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heroes, pt. 1

I mentioned in my last "official" post that Walt Disney was one of my heroes. I thought I would give you some insight into my world and share with you who my heroes are.

Let me begin by defining what I mean by hero. A hero is someone who has done something or stood for something that I believe can contribute to the way I live. It is not someone who has done something great, that no one else could. It is not someone who has done one act of heroism. It is someone who has added to my understanding and practice of life.

The first hero I ever looked up to was Spiderman. Yeah. Red and blue tights. Comic book guy. I really identified with Spiderman growing up. He was a nerdy kid in school. He was picked on and considered an outsider. Until one day he was changed. He took on some extraordinary powers. And he felt called to do something about problems he encountered.

What really meant a lot to me, and has shaped my life, was Spiderman's motto: With great power comes great responsibility. This was passed on to him by his uncle. He learned it before he had any power. So it is an important lesson for all of us.

I identified with Spiderman in the understanding that I have been changed and have been given extraordinary powers. I have also been called to do something about the problems I encounter. And I am no greater than anyone else.

Through the full baptism we have all experienced, we are all transformed. Through the indwelling of God's Spirit in each of us we are filled with God's power and gifts. Through our decision to follow Christ we are all called to be agents of transformation in the world. With the great power God has imparted to us comes the greater responsibility to be kingdom builders in this world of here and now.
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