Saturday, September 23, 2006

Part 5b – The other mistake I can’t live down

Okay, that last post was long winded. But I get paid by the word.

There was another incident at Disney that cannot be lived down. And this one, I am ashamed to admit, is somewhat offensive to some sensibilities. So if you are offended by bodily functions and the natural processes the body goes through to digest food, you may want to go on. Now.

EPCOT was fairly new. Back then it was cool to go into the communication center and call and book your dining when you got into the park. It was supposed to be a cool thing to do.

{Reflective pause}

Kinda lost something over time, didn’t it. Like color T.V. And their shows.

So we went to EPCOT to enjoy the newest, non-Magic Kingdom experience. And while gadgets and science are all cool stuff, I was looking forward to the World Showcase. I always like exploring and seeing new places. As we were looking through the dining option, we settled upon the Mexico pavilion. So lunch plans were set.

We toured the coolness of EPCOT Future Land and made our way to Mexico. Even now I love that pavilion. Walking into that open market is just awesome. And we went to eat. Mexican food was well known in Oklahoma. It wasn’t like it is now. Where every other restaurant has a Tex-Mex feel. So I enjoyed my lunch.

As we continued around the World (Showcase), I noticed that my tummy had a little rumbly. And not the good kind. I stopped to use the restroom somewhere. And thought all would be well. By the time we got to the American Adventure, the tummy was in full roll. Somewhere between the chips and salsa and the refried beans, I had created an experiment in the production of toxic gasses. In my body. And there was only one way to let it escape.

So we are standing around in the hall, waiting for the American Adventure. And unfortunately, those poor souls had to experience the lab experiment gone haywire in my tummy. My mother made some comment about the smell. My aunt replied. And then they noticed the weird look on my face. We left quickly.

To this day, I still haven’t seen the American Adventure.

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