Saturday, September 30, 2006

Part 9 - The Big Arrival

As you may remember from the last episode, we left our intrepid travelers somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but not lost.

We arrived at the hotel that we booked through Priceline. Bill Shatner has come a long way from commanding a starship and getting all of the alien babes. Now he’s the huckster for this “budget” trip site. Now, if you have had a great experience with Priceline, happy-happy-joy-joy for you. I didn’t have a great trip with this one. Got a 2 star for $35 (plus hidden charges and a couple of taxes). Then I read the fine print for the stupid room I just bought. “This room most likely will only have one bed. Any larger or additional beds will require an upgrade charge. (Or something like that.)” Dadgum. Why didn’t they say that upfront.

We get to the hotel and I walk in. And yes, for some of you wondering – right hotel, right day, right city. I walk up to the desk like I know what I’m doing (‘cause ya’ll know I don’t, right?). I am in the system the little computer shows. Outstanding. “Would you happen to have any rooms with TWO beds?” “Well sir, we don’t have any and won’t have any until October 4.” Nuts.

Conference time. With the wife. The brains of the organization. And the holder of the check book. We decide to circumvent this problem with an easy fix – we will buy an inflatable mattress for the boys and borrow sheets and blankets and pillows from the hotel. She is so smart. And beautiful. A little on the lovingly pushy side, though. But I need it.

Into the room and only partially unload the car. The poor thing sounded like a little burro after Fat Albert rode it down the Grand Canyon and got off. The boys just love being in a hotel room.

They don’t care if it’s small or large. This was an Extended Stay room. It suited our needs. But we needed supper. And we wanted to do something different.

Maybe ya’ll have heard about the proposed restaurant in Orlando, T.Rex. Well Kansas City’s just opened this summer. We decided to try that for supper. So did most of Kansas City. It was a 2 ½ hour wait. Nu uh. Not going to happen.

Then began the fight. #1S was mad because we weren’t staying at T.Rex. Nor would we let him buy anything at the gift store. It was a really cool place. Lisa and I were both kind of miffed that we couldn’t eat there. But #1S is pouting around (no, that is not putting). We decide to do Carrino’s. It’s Italian. #1S loves Fettucini Alfredo. That should change his mood, right? Nope. We threaten him with not letting him do anything at Disney, that he wants. Nope. Finally we tell him that if he doesn’t switch his ‘tude, he loses $10. No. We are not model parents. You want to give our kids a whirl we rent them out.

By the time we get to the restaurant – across the parking lot – hehehe – he has improved his attitude. And we go into Carrino’s. It was good. Lisa enjoyed her, um, whatever she had. I know she enjoyed it. She stuffed herself. I had a Panini that was great. #1S did f.a. (see above paragraph). #2S – nuthin. Nada. Zilch. Because he was getting something special also – Sonic. After we ate, we swung through Sonic and grabbed his supper.

Then off to Wal-Mart to get an inflatable bed. We decided against the bed and pump and went with 2 sleeping bags. Back into the room and we were getting ready for bed. Because we had to get up before God the next morning. It was Sunday. And we were going to Disney.
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