Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Part 10 – We Have Landed

Did you know that every hour actually exists throughout the night? I know because I woke up during every hour. Finally at 3-you-have-to-be-stupid-to-get-up-this-early:30, I woke up and got out of bed. I played on the computer and showered. Lisa stirred soon after. The boys were out cold until almost 5:00. But we all managed to get up and get ready without major issues.

The airport was a snap. Dropped the car off at long term parking. We had to pay the valet a hefty tip for all the luggage, though. But chiropractic care is covered under my home owner’s insurance. Then zip on the shuttle to the airport. It was funny when we got off the shuttle. The luggage rack was full when we left the parking lot. When we got off, it was practically empty. At that point I started calling it “the furniture”.

We got into the airport looking like a couple of Sherpa’s for the Maharajah and entourage. We got checked in and found the gate (conveniently located next to each other). We all passed through security. And Lisa and the boys went to hunt, kill, and consume breakfast. Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. And they were good. I know this because #2S took one bite and refused the rest. And Lisa drug it back to the cave, ur, gate for me to eat. Without coffee.

They called us onto the plane and we got off early. Sort of. We got out of the gate but not off the tarmac early. And made our connection with plenty of time. Because it was late. Getting to the same airport we were at. But once it arrived, we got on board and we were off to Orlando.

Ya’ll are getting tired of the build up, I know. So I will end it here. We got there, had fun, went home. Thanks for coming.

Just kidding.

But we got to Orlando and said a small prayer for the poor cast members who would have to be carrying all the furniture to the hotel. Because we weren’t having to on Disney’s Magical Express. The real reason your ticket prices are going up next year is to pay for the chiropractor visits for the Magical Express people who moved our furniture.

But we got on the DME bus and …. No magic. The T.V.s weren’t working. (see most of our trip was this way – it was great, but no “magic” – you’ll see.)

Then we rolled up to the Wilderness Lodge. We love this place. It was our first Disney resort. It will likely always be our “home”. But, again, no magic. And we got to see our first example of Adults Behaving Like Children. Well, I got to see it. Lisa was off watching Children Behaving Like Children. I was watching a grown man get very argumentative to a young Ken and Barbie who just got off the bus. “Excuse me, but blah blah blah blah.” So, he put this young, eager, looking for magic couple in their place. One of the cast members behind the counter stepped right up and helped the poor couple who looked completely befuddled. Right next to the Wackjob.

I got our packet and gathered the family, and it was off to the room. I didn’t tell them where we were going, but I knew what was waiting for us. Poolside. First floor, Courtyard View. The pool is right out side our balcony/patio. It is nice. And we got the bunkbeds. So now the boys can sleep without someone getting a foot in the nose.

We unloaded the basics and got ready to head off to begin our park hopping extravaganza. First stop – Magic Kingdom.
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