Monday, October 09, 2006

Part 16 – Where’d that water come from?

We walked out of Indy, disillusioned on my part, but hungry. The buffet had worn off. It was time for munchies crunchies. We had an ADR at Mama Melrose’s for about 2 hours from this point. That wouldn’t work. But Sci-Fi was right around the corner (so to speak). We headed around to the Sci-Fi and walked up. I asked, “Would it be possible to get a lunch?” “Sure,” says the hostess, “I will be a few minutes.” So I’m thinking 10-15 minutes. There was line of folks there. They were seated all around the entryway. So we stood there for couple of minutes (literally 2-3 minutes) and we got called. Before all of those other folks sitting there. I think the big difference between us and them, we were car-booth snobs. We just wanted some lunch and any sit down space was good. So we got a chair before lots of other people. Sorry. But I have to do a victory dance now.

It was short lived, though. #2S went into fit mode. My food was mediocre (ribs again – what can I say, I’m a carnivore). Desert was delish, though. And I love the trailers. I am a scifi nut. And Lisa likes this place, too.

We got done with lunch and head back out. With a plan. But there was something we didn’t expect. Water everywhere. Seems that there was leak somewhere. It was the sky. They sky was leaking. Everywhere. The first time in two trips we had to deal with showers. But we were prepared. Lisa had bought everyone ponchos. And then left them in the room. I was completely prepared also. I wore tennis shoes to the only waterless ride park. Except there was plenty of water everywhere off the rides. But the rain wasn’t coming down when we stepped out of the Dine-In. There was just evidence everywhere of the sky leak.

Our first project on the new plan was meeting Mike and/or Sulley. We got around to the Monsters, Inc. door and found that Sulley was solo. We hopped in line just as they closed off the line. So we were the last ones to see Sulley. Sully was a little….ummmm…frisky. There were a couple of cute girls in line ahead of us and Sulley was really flirting. Then Lisa gets up there with the boys and he pays more attention to her than the boys. Methinks Sulley needs a girlfriend.

So after Lisa and Sulley get friendly, we round the corner to see the parade. And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down. Actually it was only a little shower. I just flipped down the brim of my hat and was completely covered. And just as the parade was to start (“excuse me, but when does the 3:00 parade begin?”), the rain stopped. And here comes the parade. And there goes the battery in the camera. Shoot. No more still photos. Never know when the right photo opportunity will arise.

When the parade ended we looked at going to see Little Mermaid. #2S has the hots for Ariel. Well, whatever accounts for a 4 year old boy liking a half dressed mermaid . But the line was a little unbearable. I offered an alternative. We walked through the wardrobe and entered Narnia. Yeah, it was hokey. But we loved the movie and needed to at least see what it was about. And after our journey to Narnia, we went in search of the Incredibles. I don’t get it. The Incredibles was a great movie. The characters were outstanding. Disney finally got superheroes right. And then they shove them off in some way out of the way corner. Disney take note. Lose the alien with ADHD and bring the Incredibles out some more.

We knew that Fantasmic! was on the schedule that evening. We knew that the boys wouldn’t make it through the show without some sort of break. So we planned to head out of the park for a break. But before we left, we had one important stop to make. Shopping. Guys, if there are any guys reading this, let me share a proud moment. I have a great wife who doesn’t need to shop to be complete. She likes going out to shop. But it is not the end-all-be-all of her existence. But the #1S needs to spend money. So we wanted to give him the chance to buy stuff. We headed to the Muppet store for Lisa a t-shirt and #1S got a stuffed animal of some sort. And then off to Star Traders.

Last time, when we came for Star Wars Weekend, we got one of the pictures where they photograph the person and then insert them in a scene from the movie or other thing. We got a pic of #1S in a scene from Episode 1. #2S loves that picture so much that he wanted to do one. So we went back to Star Traders to get his picture. He chose Anakin from Episode 3. #1S got a picture in an X-wing pilot suit. And #2S got an official Jedi robe and little lightsaber to play with.

Then we headed out of the park. And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down. Again. For real. It was a soaker. So from Star Traders in the back corner of the park all the way to the bus stops, we got rained on in a soaking rain. By the time we got there, Lisa was completely soaked with plastered hair and eyes burning because of sunblock running into her eyes. I want to say that I offered her my hat to keep the water out of her eyes. But she was tough. And looked like a drowned rat.

When we got back to the room, the rain had stopped. And Lisa was heading to the shower. The boys were put on mandatory bed rest for a while. And we got rested up for Fantasmic.

I think we did supper at Roaring Forks that evening. Then we headed out to Fantasmic. I was checking the NOAA radar site to see about rain. I was debating going. I didn’t want to get soaked again. Or for the show to get cancelled. We were leaving just in time to get to the show. If they cancelled it, I would have been steamed.

We walked up the long, long, loooooong path to the stadium, took the requisite potty break, and went to find a seat. The only thing left was along the left side of the stadium. #1S wanted front row seats. So we marched all the way down front and got the second row, because the first was partially obstructed by rails. But we watched Fantasmic from the down in front. It was even cooler that close. But there was a problem. At the end of the show, Mickey defeats Maleficent the dragon and all of the characters come out to do a little happy dance. Well, there was an obvious problem. First, the dragon carcass was still on the stage. It didn’t disappear. Second, the stage was completely engulfed in smoke. I only could make out two characters on the stage. So there was no “happy ending” to Fantasmic the night we saw it. Just a dead dragon carcass.

And with that vision of happiness, we went back to the room and got ready for bed.

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