Thursday, October 19, 2006

Part 22 – The Problem with AssumingPart 22 – The Problem with Assuming

We left the Magic Kingdom and were heading back to the Lodge. We decided that Lisa should check into going to Urgent Care and have her throat looked at. This was potentially a problem. This night was the grown up’s night out. We were planning on sending the boys to the Neverland Club. This is a supervised children program. You can drop your yung’uns off and the great Disney folks will take care of them. For hours at a time. And they feed them, entertain them, keep them safe, and return them to you. And our boys had been looking forward to this one thing more than any other activity.

When we got back to the Lodge, we went by Roaring Forks for lupper. That’s the meal between lunch and supper. The boys had something. I don’t have a clue. I had a really interesting sandwich. It was roast beef and blue cheese. I love blue cheese. It stinks and looks like it’s ruined. So if it looks like it’s rotten and smells like it’s rotten, it probably is rotten. But it’s yummy. Especially with meat. But it was a gourmet sandwich.

Lisa was checking with Guest Concierge about Urgent Care. Sure enough, they had a shuttle service that would come and get her, drive her to the clinic and pharmacy, and then bring her back. So we agreed that if she was going to have any enjoyment in the rest of the week, she needed to go. But the time was a factor. Between the wait for the shuttle, the drive to the clinic, the time to be seen, get her drugs, and return, it was very likely we would miss our dinner time. And that hurt.

We were planning on going to O’hana. O’hana is a Polynesian restaurant in the…Polynesian Resort. Convenient, no? And it was our favorite restaurant the last time we came. It is a unique style buffet restaurant. You sit down at your table and the servers bring your appetizers and side items. Then, servers will bring these 4 feet long skewers of meat to your table. Yum. Meat. And it is all you care to eat. That’s my kind of place.

Now between Disney ’03 and Disney ’06, we have found that it is not that unique of a restaurant. In fact there is a Brazilian steakhouse in Tulsa that serves the same way. And it is just as tasty. With 12 kinds of meat. We like.
But I have digressed from the digest. And digesting the issue at hand. We were not going to make our fancy, grown up night out. Lisa had brought some nicer clothes to wear. I had brought nicer clothes to wear. Which says a lot. It was going to be a special meal. And now it was most likely not going to happen.
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