Friday, October 20, 2006

Part 23 – What Might Have Been

So we watch Lisa wander out of the room for some unknown location with some unknown person. And I eat my sandwich. And mope. I hate missing out on O’hana. And the possibility of the Adventurer’s Club. I like the Adventurer’s Club. Mostly because it fits my sense of humor. And when we went before, I was the source of much joking and ridicule. It was great.

Flash back time. Lisa, her brother, and I were out on a grownup night out. #1S was in the one of the kid’s clubs. And we went to O’hana for dinner. Then we went over to Pleasure Island. For those who may not know, Pleasure Island is the grownups Magic Kingdom. It is the club district of Walt Disney World. When we went there 15 or so clubs that you could find more grownup entertainment. Dancing, music, and comedy were the focus. Oh and booze.

But I don’t do that. Seriously.

I had read about the Adventurer’s Club online. It was really interesting sounding. So I convinced the rest of my party to give it a whirl. Brother-in-law had another place he wanted to visit. So we took in the AC first. The AC is built with the ground level as the second floor. You have to go down stairs to really be “in” the club. There are small rooms that branch off the main salon. Periodically, the cast performs little vignettes in different rooms of the club. Much of it is scripted but there is a lot of audience interaction that makes it sort of an improvisational comedy club. Only it is themed like a 1930’s adventure club. It’s like where Indiana Jones would hang his leather coat and whip up on a peg and tell stories of his latest archaeological pursuit.

Well, we arrived just as one of the vignettes was beginning. It was taking place in the Treasure Room. Come to find out, it was a séance. Well the three of us tried to slip in, as inconspicuous as possible. But we had to sit on the seats right in the middle of the room. The cast member, who was a French maid, complete with feather duster and short dress, was leading the séance. But she needed a volunteer. She began to look around the room. But she knew there was only one person that would work. Me.

Maybe it was the bald head. Or the simple, slack jawed expression on my face that said, “Pick this Redneck”. Whatever it was, she zeroed in on me. And picked me for her mark. Of course she had to ask the standard interaction questions. What’s your name? Todd. Where you from? Oklahoma. What do you do?

Now here is an interesting moment. A French maid conducting a séance in a very well themed bar asking me what I do for a living. I said, “I’m a plumber.”

Not really. I told the truth. Straight faced even. Cause I knew it would be a riot. “I’m a pastor.” Well that opened the door for sure. There were giggles. But they only got worse. For my part in the séance, I had to put on this outrageously ugly hat. It was, in all probability, one of those straw baskets that you put flowers in with the ugly plastic flower on the front. And I had to sing some goofy song. It was the Indian Love Call. Of course, I had no clue how it went. But that didn’t matter. The joke was pretty well rolling anyway.
After we left from the séance, we wandered around to the Library and watched another vignette after which, we decided to leave out for the other club. We walked around the back way and Lisa stepped into the rest room. I was standing by the entry into the Main Salon when another character comes up behind me. I didn’t see her. But she announces to the hostess, “Look what I found in the Men’s room.” Then the French Maid appears and says, “Oh yeah, that’s Pastor Todd. We met earlier.” It seems that my most humbling moments come at the hands of women.

So you can see why I was totally bummed out about not going back. I love that place.
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