Thursday, October 26, 2006

Part 27 – Facing the Yeti and Living to Tell About It

We really did something stupid that next morning. Not chronically stupid. But it was stupid, nonetheless. We got up early. We were out late and Lisa and I didn’t crash until after 1:00. Then we were up early the next morning. We had to be. It was Maelstrom Meet day. Today was the day we would meet some more of our Maelstrom friends. And we were meeting at Animal Kingdom. To ride Expedition: Everest.

We drug the boys out of bed and got them dressed. Lisa made plans to meet the first couple of friends who would be at AK first thing at the bus stop. So off we go to meet Ashclan and Mr. Ash. But someone was missing from our little crew. The newest member of the family didn’t make it out of the room. No, not #2S. Pal Mickey. #1S was in a tizzy because he forgot his Pal. And I wanted him to get every moments enjoyment out of that investment. So I hiked back to the room to get Pal Mickey while Lisa and the boys met our new friends.

When I got back, I got to meet the Ash's. First impressions are lasting. Ash, ya’ll are tall. That’s my first impression. But we struck off on our journey to the Animal Kingdom.

When we got to the gate area, we met another one of our new friends. And someone who believes it is her vocation in life to give me a hard time. Which makes us a compatible pair. Because I feel the need to harass her. Horsegirl was at the gates and called us up to join her. We were to meet others and ride Expedition:Everest. But we had another plan.

They were late. So we were going to ride it before they got there. Then we could ride it with them after they finally arrived.

We get through the gates and get to watch the opening of the park ceremony with Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Mickey.


Then it’s off to Asia.

Let me refer you back to a previous post. I have a thing about roller coasters. I’m terrified of them. Every coaster I had ever ridden prior to this trip gave me butterflies and palpitations of the heart. I knew what was going to happen. We were going to get on this ride. It is supposed to be one of the wildest rides at Disney. And I am going to voluntarily get on it. Yes, we did Big Thunder Mountain earlier in the week. But this is different. This is supposed to be a bigger thrill ride.

We get in line. Lisa decides to stay with the boys. Ash and Horsey get one car. Mr. Ash and I get in the car right behind them. Mr. Ash and I share something in common. We don’t “do” coasters. So it is fitting we are sitting together. We roll out of the train station and I notice something. I am not the least bit freaked out. Not butterflies. No palpitations. Nothing. And the whole ride was that way. There was not one single moment of fear. Discomfort, yes. But no fear.

We got back on terra firma. And Ash and Horsey want Lisa to go. I volunteer to stay with the boys this time. But Mr. Ash says he will watch the boys. Right, we just met this guy. We don’t know his full name or much about him. We most likely may never see him again. And he thinks it’s okay to leave our boys with him?


So off we go. Ash and Horsey in front. Me and Lisa in second. Well third. You may have seen this picture before, but here it is. Proof positive that I rode Everest. That’s Horsey right in front of Lisa. She is only making that face because of the poor woman in the front.

We hop off and Mr. Ash is right there with the boys. And they have found a new friend. They like him.

A bunch. And he tells us that the rest of our merry crew has arrived. They are on Everest right now. So we meet the rest of the crew when they get off. Sher and her friend. Jami and her two friends. And we all decide to ride again. Except Mr. Ash who has now become the newest best friend of our boys. They still want to know how he knew the monkey's names.

We all get in line for Everest. This is the third time in like 30 minutes. No problem whatsoever. And this time through has special treats. Jami brought cookies to share.

These are, now, world famous cookies. And they are delicious. I have said that every person has their price. Mine can be paid in chocolate chip cookies. But we all get aboard the train. 9 of us. But this time, I didn’t do so well. When we got back to the station, I admit, I was feeling a little green under the gills. My head was swimming and my tummy was doing backflips. That is all for me.

But everyone else was done also.

We left to find bathrooms and explore the rest of the park. Well, actually, our friends were exploring the park. We were finding breakfast and leaving. So we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

The Bergmans meet Plutopants

The four of us found some food at the Tusker House. Muffins and stuff. And coffeeish. Before we left, we ran into a lot of characters that we didn't get to see earlier in the week.

This was after #2S dropped the pen.

This pose was a thoughtful wondering after we told Timon that there was a big tree in the middle of the park filled with bugs. It was getting to be lunch time for Timon.

And last but not least, the only full-time clergy on staff at Disney. So of course we had to get together at least once. I try to meet up with him everytime I go. Men of the cloth have to stick together.

Funny that our hair is similar. And general body shape. But I don't wear a robe very often.

But we left for the Magic Kingdom. We rode the monorail into the MK after getting off the bus. The boys chatted with an older gentleman as we waited.

Our boys are truly wonderful. They are, for the most part, respectful of others. They love to talk. And they behave very well in public. If not, they are not unreasonable when we call them into line. I am very proud of them. They had just met a whole gang of new people and they weren’t the least bit put out by it. They were having just as much fun as the adults. And that is how our boys are. They have developed the ability to be with anyone.
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