Friday, October 27, 2006

Part 28 – It’s Not Goodbye If You Don’t Say It

As soon as we got into the MK, we were fairly close to the time for the new Let’s Have a Ball show.

This is a crowd interaction moment with a meet and greet with Aurora and Prince Philip.

Now, for the longest time I have wondered why Disney didn’t do more with Aurora. And as I analyzed it, I realized that Disney has missed some prime capitalization property. Here’s why.

Sleeping Beauty is the perfect Disney princess movie. First you have the beautiful princess to catch the girl market. Second, you have a classic fairy tale that gets the literary crowd. Third, the movie is very beautifully drawn and filmed which should win the artistic vote. Fourth is the villain. Maleficent is the quintessential villain. She is the embodiment of evil. So you have your villain lover’s covered. You have some great fight scenes between Philip and the minions of Maleficent as well as with the dragon. Boys love this part of the movie (we know this first hand). You have Flora, Fauna, and Meriwether providing comedy that is very well done. Lastly, it has just the right amount of romance so that the girls have their “ahhhh how sweet” moment and boys aren’t all “yuck” at it. This is the perfect Disney princess movie. It has something for everyone.

So for them to bring Aurora out for her own, albeit tiny, meet and greet, it is a step in the right direction. Put Philip in place with sword and shield from the movie and you have a great theme for a boys character interaction.
Our boys were chomping at the bit to meet Aurora and Philip. Yes, they wanted to meet a princess. So when Marky and GADisneygirl told us about this, we had to get back over here. The boys loved it. Although there was a slight mishap with a red drink of some kind and the stage, his clothes, and Pal Mickey. But we stuck it out and got to meet the royalty.

We started back over toward Tomorrowland, but I realized I was not feeling well. We promised #2S a return round on Buzz. But the line was 20 minutes. We grabbed some FastPasses. And I told Lisa I needed to sit down for a while. The closest things were the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and the Carousel of Progress. We did both of them. We had to.

Between the lack of sleep the night before, the heat of the day, the 3 rides on Everest, as well as walking around, I was completely wiped out. Thankfully the ride around the TTA (no panic induced scenes this time) and the CoP (where I almost fell asleep) with a round on Buzz, and I was ready to go again. So we left the MK.

On our way out of the park, we stopped by the Exposition Hall to pick up our PhotoPass CD. We had decided to buy the CD before we even left home. Because I take so many pictures and video everything, I don’t get to be in many of the pictures. The PhotoPass pics gives us the chance to have all of us in the picture. Plus we had two cards: one for the party and another for the rest of the week. I wanted to combine them into one CD. All totaled up we had 127 pictures on the two accounts. Which wasn’t too bad. We got our CD and headed for the Lodge again.

We chose the monorail over to the Contemporary for the ride back. Two reasons for this. One, it is just cooler to say, “We rode the monorail to catch the launch.” The other is that I had lost my lens cap for my camera. Based on pure deduction, I was able to ascertain that I had lost the cap in the shop at the Contemporary. So it would be just a hop, skip, and 3 escalators to swing through the Contemporary to the Wilderness Lodge.

Unfortunately our ride to the Contemporary was not a peaceful one. I made some very grand statements about our boys earlier. Keep that image in mind as a contrast to the two demon spawn that were on the monorail with us. No, they were not our children. If they had been, I can assure you there would be no mention of this. It would just be summed up with: I’m sorry.

No, these were two kids I had never seen before and never want to meet again in a hermetically sealed moving environment again. They yelled. They screamed. They fought. They cried. They called each other and (I assume) their mother names. And the parent did nothing. Oh there were some verbal threats, but they were threats that had no substance. Really people, are you going to do something extremely horrible to your child. I joke about FedExing my kids back home if they don’t enjoy themselves, but come on. Really. I would use UPS.
Fortunately the MK to Contemporary is a short ride. And we got off of the scene quicker than the losing candidate after election day. Which is coming up soon. Get out and vote!

I headed over to the shop where I believed that I lost the lens cap. Sure enough, I had dropped it and they had it there. While I was reclaiming lost property, Lisa and the boys went to another shop. When I got done, I walked over to meet them. I couldn’t see Lisa at first. Then I found her. And she had THAT look in her eyes.

One of the boys had done something chronically stupid. I could tell that’s what it was from across the store. Seems #2S really wanted to show momma something. But when he went to show her, he pulled the what not off the shelf and broke it. So Lisa was at the counter trying to pay for #2S’s chronically stupid mistake. Thankfully, we didn’t have to pay. But Lisa was still steamed and decided it was time to leave.

We returned to the Lodge to get some early preparation for our return to reality the next day. Lisa did the laundry. Because she despises have dirty clothes when she gets home. The boys played with their treasures. I caught up on notes and the TR. We had supper at Roaring Forks one more time. Plus I was able to schedule us some breakfast at the Whispering Canyon. We had one more activity to participate in: Maelstrommer Poly Poolside Meet.

We all got ready to go over to the Poly and meet our friends.

It was a grand gathering. Pictures and pineapple drinks were popular.

Headrubbing was required.

Again, our boys were the only kids at the meet. But they behaved themselves wonderfully. They played in the sand.

They found some friends to play with (beside Mr. Ash). We watched Wishes from the beach. And then the evening was over. The Ash’s joined us on our return to the Wilderness Lodge, which of course tickled the boys.

They got to play with Mr. Ash one more time.

We returned to the room, somewhat exhausted from the day. But also very happy. In a sad kind of way. Because we were leaving tomorrow.
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