Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year and a new idea for the blog

I hope everyone is excited about the prospects of what the new year holds in store for you.

I have really been thinking about what to do with this little corner of the world wide web. I know that some of you have found it to be a little slow in updates. I apologize. Part of the reason is the overwhelming responsibility to come up with something. Another part of the reason is it just isn't a high priority in the busy and not so busy times of life.

But I want to try something. I know that there are folks who read and don't respond to the blog. That is fine. But I want to offer you something. So I would like to know what you would like to find at this site.

Do you want devotional thoughts?

Do you want challenging perspectives?

Do you want cultural commentary?

Do you want witty insights and general light hearted brain candy?

Do you want pictures/video/audio?

Do you want me to leave you alone?

Please let me know how I can use this corner of cyberspace a little better and maybe bring something more to your time here.

Until I hear from you, I thought I would share a website that I have become a little addicted to.

Deal of the Day Tracker

Lisa and I do a lot of bargain hunting. We love finding good deals. We like finding little known stores that sell interesting stuff cheap. Some of you have already been sucked into Lisa's little addiction that is the silver jewelry site. Well I found this site after reading about deal of the day sites on the web.

A deal of the day is basically a site that offers one (or more) items at a special price. Sometimes it is a great deal.

Deal of the Day Tracker compiles a list of the deals that are available. You can see what is offered, its price, and even a picture sometimes. For my tech-loving readers there are some great prices on gadgets and parts for your electronic toys (computers, stereo systems, etc.).

So have some fun. One word of warning: if you are prone to shopaholic tendencies, avoid this site. It may be detrimental to your bank account.
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