Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I hope Daniel Kirkley gets a chance...

Friday evening Lisa and I went out on a date. We attended a concert. We don't get out to many concerts. And this was one of Lisa's favorite groups - Point of Grace. Opening for PoG was new artist Daniel Kirkley.

Daniel Kirkley has been compared to Josh Groban. He has a strong voice and classical quality to his singing. His one radio release is My New Dawn. It appears he is breaking out onto the mainstream.

I will admit that his stage presence was a little rough. He is new to this, though. And I was guilty of focusing on the visual presentation of his show. And because I focused on that, I almost missed the true quality that he has. He has a powerful vocal quality. He brings the depth of feeling and the message of his songs right to the depths of the soul. And music is a language of the soul.

I really wish, though, that he would have selected some songs that really allowed his vocals to show their full depth. It may have been nerves that led him to cut back on the vocals. He sang five of the songs from his soon to be released album. But he has another album he has released. It would have been nice if he would have shared some of that.

I really hope Daniel gets the chance to be a success. I hope radio listeners will go beyond just the one song and pick up the album. It comes out May 22. The title is Let Love Win (which, by the way, is an excellent song). If you enjoy a strong vocalist and music with a classical flavor, I highly recommend you get this. If you don't know about that stuff, then get this CD just for a healthy dose of quality music.
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