Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Restaurant Review and the Downfall of Modern Television

Last night the family went out to eat with friends. Lisa had tried a new restaurant and wanted me to try it.

Los Cabos is a new TexMex place in Broken Arrow. It is located next door to Bass Pro. It's a big restaurant with lots of seating. They have a patio room that looks over the pond. There are supposedly tortilla chip loving fish in the pond that you can feed.

The menu was heavily weighted with enchiladas and fajitas. You can get tacos, tamales, and burritos as well. Price wise the supper menu was a little pricey for Mexican. Dinners start out at 8.99 and go up to about 11.99. Steaks and ribs run even higher. I went with a combination platter with three types of enchiladas (cheese, beef, and chicken fajita). I wasn't greatly impressed. The flavor was not as filled out as I like. It seemed to be missing something. It had a blandness quality that disrupted the entire dish.

Lisa enjoys the chicken fajita enchilada and is overly protective of it. She wouldn't even consider sharing a meal with one. One interesting thing I hadn't encountered was a two salsa appetizer. The one salsa was traditional tomato salsa. The second was a heated salsa. It was more earthy or smoky. I didn't ask what it was but I'm betting chipotle played a major role in it.

After dinner we headed next door to Bass Pro to work our supper off. Let me just say that I could spend a LOT of money in Bass Pro. I saw lots of things that would be fun to play with. But I only left with a fishing license.

Now, on to the second topic. We got home about 7:50 last night. That meant that Lisa missed most of her new favorite show: Dancing With the Stars. And I really have to say that I am totally irked at television networks. It used to be that when you watched a show, it was on one time a week for part of a season, then a break, and the completion of the season. It always wrapped up and then went into rebroadcasts (reruns) until the season premiere. These days, if you are into new shows, you better pay close attention to your television listings.

The idea of seasons is totally trashed. You may get 5 or 6 new episodes and then it takes a break for a while. You have to wait for the new episodes to begin again. Then there are the new shows that start during the season hiatus. You don't know if they are coming back or when. You also have to wonder what time slot they will be in. They may move it or make it a 1 1/2 hour or two hour special.

Now my biggest gripe: loss of originality. I'm not talking about copycat shows. There have always been copycat series. Popular cop shows begat more popular cop shows. Family centered sitcoms produce more family centered sitcoms. My gripe is this new fad of putting the same show on two nights a week. The first one I remember was Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Now all of the "interactive"/telethon shows fill up the schedule. American Idol, Dancing with the Stars are both multiple night events. All because of some false sense of interaction and instant gratification.

Let's see some originality in our television. Let's see writers come up with something new and, heaven forbid, creative. Not more mindless and hollow sitcoms filled with running gags of sex and male ineptitude. Not more of these fake interactive contests. But really creative.

Hey! Someone needs to create a new Emergency! Now that would be a great idea.
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