Tuesday, May 29, 2007

KFAQ did not give you the full story

This morning I was listening to KFAQ on my way to Oklahoma City. Gwen Freeman, the morning host, gave a brief comment about an upcoming story. She said,
"...we're going to be talking about a woman who has served as a minister at St. John's United Methodist Church for five years. She's been reappointed to the position as a man."

That was all that was said. I didn't hear the story in the hour that I listened. So I was wondering about it all day.

I spoke with one of my pastor friends to see if he knew anything about it and he knew nothing.

So here are the facts that may have been presented at another time and I missed.

St. John's United Methodist Church in Baltimore has been served by Ann Gordon for five years. This past year, Gordon received medical treatments to change gender and changed her name to Drew Phoenix. The bishop of the Baltimore-Washington Conference reappointed Phoenix to St. John's.

That decision is being called into question by conservative groups from the United Methodist Church.

St. John's United Methodist is not to be confused with St. John's AME in Tulsa or any other Methodist related St. John's churches in the Oklahoma region.
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