Thursday, November 08, 2007

Take the time to make some time

Some of you may be wondering why I would bother putting up a boring story about my families vacation. Reading about someone's vacation is even more boring than looking at their vacation slideshow.

I put our vacation story up on the blog for me. It was an exercise in remembering what we did. It is a way to hold on to the memory of the time that we shared as a family. Even the bad times are a part of the memories.

But let me go on to say that anyone reading my trip report might take it as a reminder to take time away from your work to create family memories. Pastors are some of the worst about removing themselves from work long enough to have an adequate vacation. But studies are showing that our nation as a whole is not taking time off to be together as families.

I remember growing up going to trips with my family. We didn't always get to go to far off places like Disney World or Buffalo. But we did make those trips. Sometimes it was to Dallas to go to Six Flags. But we took the time to make trips as a family. And those trips, in turn, made memories that I hold close today.

Before totally discounting my trip report off as boring filler, think about the memories you have with your family. Have you ever written down the story of a favorite Christmas or a trip you took together? It may be an exercise in memory practice. But who is to say that your family won't be blessed by reading what you feel is important?
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