Thursday, May 10, 2007

GPS Used to Reach Transplant Recipient

Read this article from ABC news

GPS Used to Reach Transplant Recipient
Police Use Cell-Tracking Technology to Find Transplant Patient in Time for Surgery
The Associated Press

Technology is a beautiful thing....sometimes.

I announced Sunday that I would be out of town this week for a meeting The meeting was held at Canyon Camp, the Oklahoma Annual Conference owned camp outside of Hinton.

The camp was a brainstorming event for a conference camp model. It was a small group that was meeting in the Lodge at the Camp. I left about 4:10 Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately I was below E on the gas gauge so I had to make a stop at QT. I was leaving when I realized I had left my cell phone and sunglasses at home. Turn around time (luckily I was still in Claremore).

With cell phone in its holster and glasses on my head, I started again (4:25). Getting into Tulsa I noticed that there were storm clouds gathering. I flipped over to News 9's radio broadcast and heard that there wasn't anything dangerous in the way.

I was getting hungry and stopped at my favorite road side stop - Taco Cabana. I love me some Taco Cabana.

At this point I was on the west side of OKC and headed out toward the camp. About El Reno I saw more ominous looking clouds. And a news helicopter. My mind was telling me that it couldn't be a great combination. So I called Lisa to check the internet for the local T.V. station's weather and the weather radar I use all the time (for Tulsa it is NOAA weather radar) to see if I was driving into a tornado. It was a dark gray with what appeared to be a pre-vortex lowering. But it was safe according to the internet so I drove on through.

I arrived at the camp with no problems and went to the Lodge. Problem. The Lodge was locked. No lights. It appeared to be closed up for the evening.

Now since this is in a canyon, there are no cell signals available. So I had to drive back out of the canyon (not a long drive) and contacted the person in charge of the meeting.

"Hey," says me, "are we having a meeting this week?"

"What meeting?" says she.

"The meeting at Canyon."

"Didn't you get the email? We canceled the meeting." It is now 7:30 ish P.M.

Thus begins my 3 hour journey back home. On the way home I sang tunes that I had downloaded onto my PDA (personal digital assistant and mobile multi-media platform). For 3 hours I sang my little heart out. And all of them were personal favorites. And I sang loudly.

I got home about 10:45 to find Lisa playing an internet game (Puzzle Pirates).

The moral of this story is that technology can be a great thing (the GPS tracking of a cell phone, cell phones to be in contact with each other, email to quickly update info, mobile entertainment, and internet games and community). But technology can also be used horribly (forgetting your cell phone, not checking your email even when you have a computer program that lets you know you have email even if you have 3 or more email accounts, the danger of singing at the top of you lungs especially driving at 80, ummmm 76, mph down the interstate, and the addiction of playing games on the internet).

SO use technology wisely.