Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Behavior???

The news is now reporting that pop culture icon Paris Hilton will have her outrageously long and inappropriate (can we add cruel and unusual) sentence of 45 days for probation violation reduced by half. And get this. It is being reduced for good behavior.

Rant point #1 - Where was the good behavior when she was stopped for alcohol related reckless driving? She decided to get blitzed and get behind the wheel of a car. She was not capable of making good judgment.

Rant point #2 - Where was the good behavior when she violated probation by getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while having a suspended license? Obviously Miss Hilton does not understand that when the government who issues a driver's license suspends that license you don't get to change it. She was not capable of making good judgment in this instance either.

Rant point #3 - Why, oh why, would she listen to her PRESS agent's advice on her legal situation? Might it not have been a better idea to call her lawyer (on her ever present cell phone) to find out if it was legal for her to be driving. She was not capable of making good judgment in who to listen to for good advice.

Rant point #4 - Why was the "good behavior" adjustment allowed to be applied when she was doing the minimum requirement? She showed up for her court date. BIG WHOOP! You are legally required to do that. If you don't, you get a visit from the sheriff's department with a wonderful piece of paper called a bench warrant. She was acting in good behavior, she was finally showing some good judgment. But meeting the minimum requirement of law.

Rant point #5 - Paris is being roomed in the "special" cells that are reserved for prisoners who need to be isolated. Like police officers, public officials, high-profile criminals. Oh and celebrities. Because we wouldn't want them to be troubled while they are in jail.

This is ludicrous. Ridiculous. Any other -ous you can think of.

But I suppose this is what we deserve. We have made celebrities into a class above all others. We have given them status and the power to sway even the legal system to their will. So Paris will do her half sentence because she acted so well prior to serving her time. She will get out after about 3 weeks in jail (instead of a month and a half). Then she will likely get her driver's license back. But knowing her, she won't even have to wait in line to get her license.