Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm half the man I thought I was

Popular Mechanics offers an article on 25 Skills Every Man Should Know.

I found out that I only knew half of them. More precisely, I knew 13 about of 25. Not surprisingly, I got almost all of the geek skills covered. I still haven't discovered how to hook up an HDTV. But that is only because I can't afford one.

Sadly I lack certain skills in the physical arena. Saving a person in a capsized boat for instance. Of course I don't feel too much at a loss seeing that I am a hydrophobe. But I have been out on boats more recently than the rest of my life. I may want to get that one learned.

I also can't back with a trailer. Oh, I can get the job done. But it takes much trial, error, and intense concentration. So I save it for the more manly.

But I have to wonder: why is it a man's skill to protect a computer? Women are just as able to protect their valuable information. So that one stumps me.