Monday, November 26, 2007

In Honor of Cyber Monday

My family always wants to know my Christmas list about this time, so I am sharing it with them. Please don't feel that you have to read it. But it may prove insightful to my psyche.

Happy Shopping!

Banded collar shirts (XL) 19.99-24.99 (Great examples: Microfiber by D'Amante; Scandia Woods; Irvine Park)

An Inconvenient Book (Glenn Beck)

TV on DVD - Firefly, complete series; Animaniacs; Doctor Who (with actor Tom Baker); Flash; Greatest American Hero season 3; Highlander; Hogan's Heroes season 2;Quincy; Jericho

Lace up ropers 11 1/2

Bluetooth phone earpiece (the Jabra BT125 as an example)

Bagpipe chanter - Yeah, I'm still hoping

Bagpipes - Ummm, not many hits on this either

Conversation (book by Stephen Miller)

Dremel Workstation
Dremel Plunge Router attachment
Dremel Shaper/Router table
Dremel Router bit set

Under Armour shirts (cold weather/hot weather)

Nintendo Wii w/ Wii Play and Wii Sports

External Hard Drive (320-500 GB; 1 TB would be nice)

Movies - Pursuit of Happiness; Rocky Balboa; I, Robot; SpiderMan 3; Bourne movies; Last Samurai

Chick-fil-A gift cards - I love Chick-Fil-A

Best Buy gift cards

Black and Decker Workmate Workbench

Kyser Capo (6 string guitar/12 string guitar)

Marvel Vault (book)

Star Wars Vault (book)

Wireless headphones

G.I. Joe - Snake Eyes Commerorative Sword

Swiss laptop computer backpack

Segway X2 Adventure Personal Transporter