Monday, December 03, 2007

The Passing of an Icon

I found out over the weekend that one of icons on my childhood years had died. On November 30, Evel Knievel lost his battle with a terminal lung disease. He was 69.

The '70's were Evel Knievel's decade. He was a celebrity daredevil who seemed unstoppable. He was clearly not indestructible. His crashes are famous. His broken bones are just as well known.

I remember the days on the playgrounds pretending to drive motorcycles up and over imaginary ramps. He was a superhero and sport star wrapped up in one.

In recent years, Evel Knievel accepted Christian faith after decades of maintaining a distance from organized religion. His testimony in front of Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral is available on YouTube. He was obviously struggling in health. He was not the flamboyant, iconic, superheroic figure I remembered from my youth. But he was passionate in his proclamation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.