Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter madness

Oklahoma has been under a nasty bit of weather this week. I am happy to report that our home and church have electricity. We only went about 38 hours without any electricity. Our family didn't suffer any the time we were without. The church is open to anyone who wants to get warm, but we cannot shelter anyone overnight.

But there are plenty of Oklahomans who are suffering. I wouldn't even pretend to think that my family experienced what many are now going through. We were comfortable and hardly put out. There are some who have nothing. No source of heat or light. No way to get a warm meal or water.

Many of the electricity companies are saying that next week will be the earliest before power is restored to all locations. And we are expecting another winter weather system through here tomorrow night.

May God continue to bless those who are without and prepare those who do have to share.