Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Living the dream...again...soon

Last night was the first class of EMT-Basic. I'm going through the training to be an EMT once again. I let my certification go during my last appointment. My time was required in other pursuits. But because I did not file for a special status, I have to go through the entire course again.

Why would I put myself through it again? I have professional and personal reasons.

1.) It is, in my mind, a more practical experience in clinical pastoral education. In many cases EMT's are called in when trauma is involved. I would not dream of providing anything less than professional care as a medical professional. But there are opportunities for ministry even in the midst of caring for physical, medical needs. There are also emotional and spiritual opportunities in these cases.

2.) It is a great way to get connected to the community. Here in Turpin, there is not an ambulance service. But there is a volunteer fire department. I am already a member of that. But since I have the ability to do more, I volunteered to go through the EMT training.

3.) It is still a part of my childhood being realized. I've talked before about being a huge Emergency fan since I was a child. Being a fireman paramedic was my first career aspiration. And somewhere in the core of my heart, I still want to pursue that.

I've talked before about living your dream: Dreams, Pt.1, Dreams Revisited, and Blog Induced Depression. If there is one thing I believe in, it is living your dreams. It's important because we live in a throw-away culture. There is little of permanence or meaning anymore. Electronics become obsolete and worthless in 5 years. Everything has a recyclable quotient. There are few things of quality being produced, opting for quantity. Many people throw their dreams away because of they seem impossible or unattainable.

But dreams are really expressions of who we are. To deny our dreams is to die to part of who we are. I believe that dreams are part of the gifts God has given us. When we are living out dreams, life seems more vivid. I remember the first time I went to Walt Disney World as an adult and then on a solo trip. Everything was so vivid. The same is true when going through EMT class and being on an ambulance crew. There is no way to explain the sense of fulfillment or satisfaction.

Some people have small dreams like trying something or visit some place. Others have life dreams like a job or a place where they want to live. Whatever your dream is, try something to move you in the direction of living that dream out.
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