Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Revelation 1:7-8

I. Oracles

a. Verse 7 is formed from 2 Old Testament passages

i. Daniel 7:13 – enthronement of the Son of Man over the nations

ii. Zechariah 12:10-12 – end of time reference when God defeats Israel’s enemies and the people are redeemed

1. Both passages refer to God’s activity in defeating the enemy of God’s people at the end of time

2. John uses these two to draw the picture in Revelation of Christ’s victory and the universal revelation of his sovereignty

a. Every eye will see him

b. Even those who pierce him – more than those responsible for his death

c. All tribes/societies will mourn because of him

b. God speaks in verse 8

i. This is 1 of 2 places where we hear God’s voice

ii. We have the “I Am” identifier as in verse 4

1. Other religions use this “I am” phraseology

2. Christian believers should be drawn back to Moses’ mountain epiphany – Exodus 3

iii. AW merism

1. A merism is a figure of speech where polar opposites are used to highlight everything in between

2. Merisms are common in other cultures

3. Hebrews used “aleph to tau” to refer to everything in the law

4. Many uses of merism in Revelation – beginning/end, first/last

iv. Almighty

1. This is a common reference for God in the Old Testament

2. It is rarely used in the New Testament

3. It is used 9 times in Revelation

4. It refers to God’s rule over all of creation

c. Verse 7-8 work together to assure the recipients of this revelation that God is still in control and that Christ is still coming in victory

Recap Revelation 1:1-8

  • John, a Christian prophet, received a message from God through Christ by means of a messenger
  • John is to transmit this message
  • Those who hear and do what is expected will receive a blessing
  • John addresses this message in the form of a letter to 7 churches in Asia
  • John begins with a greeting of grace and peace from God, the Seven Spirit, and Jesus Christ
  • John proclaims 2 oracles regarding Christ’s reign and God’s rule over creation

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