Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back to blogging

I've taken a little time off from sharing thoughts here and instead used the blog as a repository for Bible study recordings. I will continue with that for the remainder of the study. But I decided to get back to sharing thoughts and wonderings.

And really one thing has brought me back to this place of happy thoughts (well, not always happy): Christmas. Not Christmas in the sense of family memories or even high liturgical significance. Nope. What brought me back to blogging is one simple question: have people lost their minds?

Two weeks ago. Not today. Not next Friday. Two weeks ago yesterday. November 4. I was in Hastings to spend some money that I was blessed with from my church. By the way, a big "Thank You" again to the Turpin church for that blessing. But I was looking around for something meaningful and productive and reflective of the spirit with which the church gave me that gift. I was looking for video games. But blasting over the in-store music was Christmas music. Not just a song now and then. The entire music programming was Christmas music. In the first week of November.

Then, last week I was driving home from EMT class. And there was a house with it's Christmas lights turned on. Not just a simple strand of lights around the eaves of the house. Thousands of little lights everywhere.

Last night I was going into EMT class and someone had an elaborate Christmas light display turned on.

And Lisa (as well as an unnamed member of the church - who supposedly works for the local pizza restaurant) is all excited about getting their Christmas decorations up.

Yes. I am Ebeneezer Scrooge.

But come on. Really. 2 months before Christmas is a little extravagant. I have been saying for years now that Halloween will become the next big Christmas shopping event. It will eventually rival Black Friday and December 26th as one of the financial windfalls for retailers. This year is proof of the creep in that direction.

There can be too much of a good thing.
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