Monday, December 22, 2008


Well Happy Holidays!

I'm still being delinquent when it comes to updating. Life is not that pressing. I just haven't come around to put anything meaningful up. So I thought I would pass the time with a few updates to life.

EMT training kicks over into the real world beginning tomorrow. I begin ride-along clinicals in Liberal. That means riding on the ambulance with paramedics and responding to real calls. I have also begun to consider pursuing EMT-Paramedic training. I'm looking at our community and see a need for a local paramedic on the fire department. So I may pursue that training to help out in the community.

The Turpin Food Pantry is another ministry that I'm involved with and it has been a great blessing to the community. Last night we served about 20 families with food baskets (sponsored by the Turpin Booster Club) and Angel Tree gifts for the kids (sponsored by the Ministerial Alliance) and teenagers (sponsored by the Turpin water department). It is really great to see so many groups coming together to impact the lives of community members. It is also the answer to so many needs in our world, cooperation.

The boys are out of school for Christmas break. They are quite excited about the freedom they have been given. They are living high on the hog, kicking back to play on the computer, watch T.V., and generally drive us batty all day for the next 2 weeks.

I have stepped over to a dark side that I never thought I would give into. I bought Guitar Hero: World Tour. For those who do not delve into the video game world, Guitar Hero is what is called a rhythm game. Sort of like the dance games that have been the rage for the last 10 or so years. Only these involve music instruments, sort of. Instead of playing guitar with strings and frets, you match colored dots on the screen with the corresponding buttons on the guitar while "strumming" a button. The thing about World Tour is that you can also play drums (more like the real thing) and sing with a microphone (just like the real thing). The dark side of this is that it is all rock and roll music. It covers songs from the last 40 years (with La Bamba thrown in for good measure). It is a lot of fun. And Nick is learning the drums. If we can just get Andrew to play guitar, we would have a family band.

Speaking of Andrew, I thought I would share an Andrew-ism from this morning. During Advent we have been doing a family Advent box. Every morning one of the boys gets to open the door of our box. Inside is a slip of paper describing a family event that we will do at some point during the day. Today's activity was Family Game Night. Andrew opened the door and read the description. Then this conversation:

Andrew: We don't have any Christmas games.
Me: Well we can play any game.

Andrew: But we don't celebrate Hanukkah.
Me: We can play ordinary games.

Andrew: We don't even have a dreidel.

And who says Blue's Clues doesn't teach our children anything.

I understand that there has been a few problems with the Revelation Bible Study when people try to view the blog. The gibberish some of you may be encountering is the code for the audio recordings that I have been posting. If you are having problems seeing them, I will try to debug it and give you a fix for it next week. Also, the multipart recordings are now listed in one recording and play back to back.

Until the next time - Merry Christmas.
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