Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back from the winter doldrums

I have been highly uninspired, unmotivated, uncreative (actually I believe that is non-creative, but I'm going for alliteration points here), and unproductive over the last few weeks. I believe it may be a bit of SAD. SAD is seasonal affective disorder.

I have noticed that over the years I have hit "low" times during February-April. During these times I would experience a sense of lack of motivation. My energy levels would dip very often. Sometimes I would have full blown episodes of depression. I always believed that it had more to do with school (college and seminary). I attributed it to overload or burnout. But after seminary, I saw the same patterns occurring in my role as pastor. Again, I attributed to overload (post Christmas burnout, working with curriculum deadlines, etc.).

But I believe that SAD may lie behind this. The hypothesis regarding SAD is that light plays a role in the affective condition of a body. The idea is that because of diminished light during winter months, some bodies react by entering a depressive state.

My family has dealt with depression. It is a real manifestation of a biochemical condition within the body. I have been fortunate enough to not face a medical/chemical treatment for my condition. I try to fight mine by getting as much natural light as possible. Exercise and good diet can also make a big difference.

But I am trying to kick it in the behind today. So, perhaps this week can be a little more productive.