Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 Random Things

Just because I did it over on my Facebook page:

25 Random Things about me.

1.) Short, fat, bald, nerd - of those only 1 of them can I change. Others I might change I choose not to.

2.) I'm religiously opposed to green beans.

3.) I have rattlesnake-head shaped big toes.

4.) If I could live anywhere in the world it would be on the property of Walt Disney World. Preferably within walking distance of one of Epcot's gates.

5.) The two things I always wanted to be growing up were: a fireman-paramedic and a forensic pathologist. Mostly because I loved Emergency and Quincy growing up.

6.) One of my favorite jobs has been radio d.j. at a country music station.

7.) I'm not a musician. I'm just a guy who plays guitar (poorly) and sings (badly).

8.) I love photography. I'm trying to improve my ability with that. Some day I hope I can get good enough to show some of it.

9.) If C.S.I. is on, I will most likely flip over and watch it (see #5).

10.) My God-given purpose in life is helping others become everything God has created them to be.

11.) I would love to sit down and have have coffee with Alton Brown.

12.) The most famous people I have ever met were Billy Sprague and Dave Ramsey.

13.) I think I'm a better cook than I really am.

14.) When life gets too stressful, and I'm dealing with people at the end of my limits, I find that virtual violence is a great release.

15.) I say "crap" entirely too much. But it is such a versatile word.

16.) My most treasured earthly possessions would be my comic book collection and my collection of G.I. Joe figures. And my Bibles. And the scrapbooks my mother made for me. And the map from my Pappaw's service in W.W. II. And my library.

17.) My favorite work of literature would be A Christmas Carol.

18.) I can eat good B.B.Q. ribs any time.

19.) There is nothing as frustrating as pedestrians.

20.) My mother is the strongest, most faithful person I know. If I would aspire to be like anyone, it would be her. She faces the crap of this world with a strength that circumstances cannot provide, but comes only from the depth of faith of a life lived in surrender to Christ.

21.) My best friend growing up in high school was my sister. She was the one who I felt I could share anything with. And it's not because I have plenty of "stuff" on her. She could make me laugh and hack me off quicker than anyone. But she was the best friend I had.

22.) Andrew, my youngest son, is the person who makes me happy. He has a sense of humor and natural comedic ability. He can say the right thing at the right moment to make me laugh hysterically. And he likes to wrestle.

23.) Nicholas, my oldest son, is the person I am most proud of. He frustrates me quite a bit. But that is because he and I are so much alike. But he is a smart kid. And I look forward to watching him become what God has planned.

24.) Lisa is the person behind me, pushing me, challenging me, keeping me honest, and bringing clarity to everything that happens around me. She keeps me aware of the important things in life. She deflates my big ego and boosts my failing spirits. She knows me better than anyone and yet still is willing to spend the rest of our lives together. I'm worried about her.

25.) There is nothing more important, nothing more substantial, and nothing more valuable to me than the faith I have in Jesus Christ. It defines my life and decisions. It is the only way I face reality. I may not get "it" right all the time. Failures and doubts still darken the landscape of life. But by grace and love, I know that there is more to life than how I far I've fallen. Life is how far God is willing to go to bring me back.
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