Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prayer Request

Lisa's dad, Marvin, is in serious condition. He had quadruple bypass surgery about 4 weeks ago in Oklahoma City. Since then, he has remained in ICU. His current condition seems to be multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. He is having problems across many of his bodies systems. His heart is not operating properly, he is on dialysis because his kidney's are not functioning, his lungs are not processing oxygen into his cells, and the doctors are claiming he also has leukemia. There is fear that his brain functions have been compromised as well.

The doctors are not confident about any reversal. They wanted the family informed of how serious Marvin's condition truly is. Lisa's mom, Lois, also needs prayer. She does not handle a crisis well.

Lisa is struggling emotionally and spiritually. She is currently at the hospital and we don't know when she will come back home.

Our desire is that Marvin will be blessed with a miracle. He needs an intervention and we hope for God's power to bring him the balance and restoration of the organs and systems of Marvin's body. Our desire is that Lois will have the emotional fortitude to face this crisis. And that all of the kids will be able to face this difficult time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New meaning to "I am the shepherd"

What would you get if Jesus was the Good Shepherd and meant it in a techno-junkie way: