Monday, October 26, 2009

Where...oh where...has my little blog gone?

I'm still here. Pondering great mysteries. Wondering about my sons become young men. Trying to love my wife more fully. Preaching the Gospel and living it to the best of my ability. But I just haven't been filled with inspiration to put anything to 1's and 0's.

So today, boys and girls, I thought I would vent a little frustration at my vacation. I'm going to Disney World. Yeah, I didn't think anyone would be surprised.

We are planning on a December trip. Lisa and the boys have never seen the park in full Disney Christmas holiday finest (I got to see some of it solo a couple of years back). We were tempted and didn't resist.

One of the nice things about going early in December is that there are smaller crowds. And smaller crowds mean a little slower pace to enjoy things.

Except I now find out that the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade is being filmed the same weekend we are going to be there. Have you ever seen the Parade on t.v.? Bunches of people lining Main Street U.S.A. Crowds of people wanting to get their .015 minute of fame as the camera gazes past their faces. Three days of filming in the Magic Kingdom means three days of really avoiding the Magic Kingdom. Blech!

And I was really looking forward to this trip as a time of relaxing enjoyment without fighting hordes of people.

So what to do? What to do?


It is easy to get frustrated and decide something isn't worth the effort. It is easy to blow it off and say, "There is an easier way." But that isn't how we do things around here.

We are going to go to Disney World. We are going to experience the Magic that Disney excels at providing. We are going to make memories as a family. We are going to get frustrated and aggravated, but we will be together in the Happiest Place On Earth.

And we might even kiss Mickey.
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