Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Turpin is on the map

Yeah, it's been a while.

I was playing around with Google Maps today (when I should have been working on Revelation Bible Study - yeah, I haven't updated that in a while either).

Any way.

I put good ol' Turpin in the Google Map search line. Up popped the familiar overhead satellite photo image of our little corner of heaven in the panhandle. But there was something new. Turpin has a Street View.

What is a Street View, you may be wondering? Well this is Google's newest idea. They are sending out special vehicles to photograph places around the world from street level. They use spherical camera units to give a full panoramic, total view of the area.

Turpin's picture is from the south side of town on highway 64 heading to Hooker. It is across the street from the Post Office. The really cool thing is that this hasn't been done everywhere yet.

So Turpin has made it on the Google map. Check it out at and enter Turpin OK in the search line.