Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to change

The world is probably now well aware of the passing of the Stimulus Bill. That bill will be heading to the President's desk with all expediency.

Hmmmm. That word reminds me of something. What was it?

Oh yes, I remember now.

As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals. Our Founding Fathers, faced with perils that we can scarcely imagine, drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man -- a charter expanded by the blood of generations. Those ideals still light the world, and we will not give them up for expedience sake.

These were words spoken by President Obama upon his inauguration. The words struck me as biting and cutting to the outgoing President at the time. They were words meant to point at the decisions of President Bush to restrict freedoms to preserve security.

But now those words strike me as being hollow and devoid of meaning or substance. This stimulus bill has been pushed, at break neck speed, through the process of legislation. Republicans are complaining that the Democrats reneged on their word of allowing 48 hours to review the document before a vote. I'm simply flabbergasted that a 647 page bill filled with intricate and subtle financial projects was not allowed adequate time to be read, reviewed, and argued.

President Obama has established that he was the leader that will take us into a change. What change is he leading us into? I see nothing new. Except maybe to further remove us from the Founding Fathers ideals of this nation has been established upon.

The way I see it, if this is going to be business as usual, why don't we just eliminate the Constitution and the full document of the Declaration of Independence. I say get rid of them because the ideals that President Obama and the people who are guiding him into the decisions that are being made really only care about the opening lines of the second paragraph of the Declaration.

People forget what the Declaration of Independence was all about. They remember the lines "blah blah unalienable rights blah blah life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." But the Declaration of Independence was so much more than just the perceived right to get what you want to make you happy.

The Declaration of Independence was a rallying cry for a people who's government had forgotten the responsibility that government has to the governed. Those founding fathers, as we have come to call them, were holding king and country accountable for the duty of seeing the common good of all people within the boundaries of the nation. There were no political parties involved. There were no lobbyists at work for special interest groups. It was group of people who believed that government was to be accountable to the people.

In fact, the words following "pursuit of happiness" state just that fact.
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,...

Government exists at OUR consent. Those people who sit in those beautiful, grand buildings in Washington, D.C. sit there because we allow them to. Those people get to spend their time on C-SPAN and all the talk shows because we allow them to. Those people get to write laws and govern this nation because we ALLOW them to.

When I see something like this stimulus bill passing without due diligence I have to wonder, "Why do we continue to allow this kind of behavior?"

The very next truth that is self evident (of which the government's power is derived from our consent is one) is that when the government abuses that trust the people have given, the people have the right to alter or abolish the government and establish a government that will effect safety and the happiness as they see fit. Welcome to the idea of revolution.

It is time for a revolution. It is time to get rid of the attitude of aristocracy in the government. It is time to remind politicians that they do not have self-interests or personal agendas when they sit in office. They do not have the right to receive gifts or incentives from lobbyists or special interest groups in return for favorable legislation. They are not there to represent the minority voice. They are there because we allow them to. Regardless of who we vote for, they sit there because this is a government for the people, by the people.

Let's put career politicians, lawyers in office, and lobbyists in their place: back in the workforce looking for a real job. Let's dismantle the machine that runs D.C. and replace it with the heart for the nation.