Thursday, July 02, 2009

Questions from the Congregation

In February and March I asked the Turpin congregation for questions. This is a practice I started where I get questions from the church and then preach on the subjects of their questions. I have been working on them from March until now.

This week I will begin to answer those questions. The first series will be Tithes, Taxes, and Tips. We will examine the biblical subject of tithing and what that means for modern followers of Christ. The question that sparked this series was: Do you go with 10% of your gross income or do you give to Caesar and then tithe on that?

Here are the other sermon series that I will be preaching based on the questions that I received.

Do pets go to heaven? - what happens to our beloved companions
Stereotypical or stereotyped Christians - how do we respond to being lumped together
The Return of the King - what does the 2nd coming mean and when will it happen
Mysteries of Genesis - creation, Cain's wife, Nephilim, Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah
Faith in Families - how to grow the Faith in a family setting
Death of Loved Ones - coping with the loss of family members, redeemed or lost
Paranormal - Ghosts, Spirit Communication, angels and demons, aliens and life out there
Is It All One God - world religions
What About Sin - dealing honestly with sin
What About Salvation - what does salvation mean
Why We Do What We Do: Holy Communion
Why We Do What We Do: Worship

I will try to post a recorded sermon on this blog. But I will also be occasionally be putting in something different: the sermon that didn't get preached. This will include information that didn't make it into the preached sermon. It may be material I found or things I left out of the sermon.

But I will be posting a little more frequently now. Feel free to join in with the comments and other questions.