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Sermon Series: Beyond the Normal Angels and Demons the Real Story

Angels and Demons the real story


OT use of angels

  1. Hebrew word/s used –
    1. malak (messenger) – used in a general sense of a messenger or envoy sent from a person of authority to others; used most frequently of beings sent from God with a message to humans
  2. Described as
    1. Ex 3:2 – in midst of blazing fire
    2. Nu 22:22 – with a drawn sword (1 Chr 21:27)
    3. Jdg 6:21 – with a staff; fire from the staff; disappeared
    4. Judg 13:18 – name is "wonderful"
    5. Ps 103:20-21 – mighty in strength; obedient; serve God's will
  3. Other notable uses
    1. Angel of the Lord/God – a being sent by God for a protective purpose


OT use of demons

  1. Hebrew word/s used –
    1. sair (hairy goat; goat demon; Lev 17:7) – used to refer to goat spirit that people sacrificed to
    2. shed (shade; Dt 32:17; Ps 106:37) - used to refer to the spirits behind the idols that people chose to sacrifice to other than to Yahweh
  2. Described as: with exception of hairy goat demon, no description
  3. Other notable uses
    1. Evil spirit – Jud 9:23; 1 Sam 16:14-23; 18:10; 19:9


NT use of angels

  1. Greek word/s used –
    1. angelos (messenger)
  2. Described as:
    1. Mat 4:11 – minister to Jesus (Mk 1:13; Lk 22:43)
    2. Mat 22:30 – do not practice marriage (Mk 12:25)
    3. Mat 24:6 – do not know God's full will (Mk 13:32)
    4. Mat 26:53 – more than 12 legions
    5. Mat 28:2 – strength to move a great stone
    6. Lk 1:19 – named angel: Gabriel
    7. Ac 5:19 – power to open prison doors (Ac 12:10)
    8. Ac 12:7 – power to release chains
    9. Ac 12:23 – power to curse a man to death
    10. 1 Pe 3:22 – subjected to Christ
    11. 2 Pe 2:4 – capable of sin
    12. Jude 6 – abandoned heaven
  3. Other notable uses
    1. Guardian angels – Mat 18:10; Ac 12:15; Heb 1:14


NT use of demons

  1. Greek word/s used
    1. daimon (demon)
    2. daimonion (demons)
  2. Described as
    1. Mat 25:41 – Satan's angels
    2. affecting a person physically and mentally
    3. Mk 1:34 – they know who Jesus is (Lk 4:41)
    4. Mk 16:9 – multiple demons can affect a person (Lk 8:2)
    5. Lk 4:33 – unclean (Lk 8:29)
    6. Lk 8:30 – named demon
    7. Lk 10:17 – subject to Jesus' name
    8. 1 Co 10:20-21 – Gentiles sacrifice and worship
    9. James 2:19 – know and fear God
  3. Other uses
    1. Evil Spirit – Acts 19:15-16
    2. Demon possessed

New Age angels

  1. Communication link to God
  2. Spirit guide

Beyond the Normal Angels and Demons the Real Story

Colossians 2:16-19, 23


Beyond the normal

Christianity is a religion with room for the paranormal

Healing miracles, power of prayer, life after death, body raised from dead

But many Christians reject out right what is called paranormal phenomena

Instead of rejecting it, we need to examine it and speak truth about it

We begin by looking at angels and demons


Angels and demons

Angels and demons are a big deal in New Age movements and paranormal research

Angels have a new cult-like religious movement of their own

Demons are considered to be manifesting in cases where there are evil deeds

But what is the biblical truth behind these creatures?

Does the Bible talk about angels and demons? Yes

Old and New Testaments refer to angels in the same fashion

Hebrew – malak; Greek – angelos; both mean messenger

They serve at God's command to deliver messages to people

Old Testament hardly refers to demons; New Testament with some frequency

Hebrew – shade or sair; Greek – daimon

Most often the OT refers to them as the spirit behind idols that are worshipped

NT they torment human kind and lead people astray

Tradition tells us that angels and demons were created in the beginning by God

Is 14:12-14; Jude 6

Angels served God in worship until one angel was filled with pride

This angel was cast down with other angels for their pride

This angel became Satan and his angels are demons

If this is the case then angels and demons have the same power and essential nature

Angels are strong (Ps 103:20; Mt 28:2); have power over material objects (Ac 5:19; 12:7,10); have power to curse a person to death (Ac 12:23); and are capable of sin (2 Pe 2:4)

There is also some evidence that there may be angels who watch over humans

Mat 18:10; Ac 12:15; Heb 1:14

Demons appear to affect people mentally and physically in cases of possession; they know who God and Jesus are instinctively (Mk 1:34; Jam 2:19); and are behind the worship of other deities (Dt 32:17; Ps 106:37; 1 Cor 10:20-21)

Demons seem to operate in three manners

Temptation – as seen in how they respond to Jesus; 2 Cor 11:14; 1Tim 4:1-3

Oppression – 1 Sam 16:14-23

Possession – NT stories (Mt 4:24, 8:16, 28; 9:32; 12:22; 15:22; Mk 16:9;Lk 4:33;


The Christian answer to the paranormal question

Within our belief system this is what we can say

Angels and demons are real

Angels and demons have power beyond human ability

Angels and demons interact with humanity

But angels and demons are not independently powerful

Angels and demons both answer to a higher power

Angels and demons are both subject to Jesus Christ - 1 Peter 3:22;Luke 10:17

An angel will speak no message unless Jesus Christ is glorified through it

A demon cannot remain when bound under the name of Jesus Christ

Lk 4:41; Mk 3:14-15; Lk 9:49-50; Lk 11:20