Thursday, December 02, 2010

Time to admit defeat?


It seems that this has laid dormant so long that the cobwebs were becoming sentient. Nothing wrong with my desire to express my opinion or feelings. I'm just lazy. And have a small addiction to Lord of the Rings Online.

I have been having someone post on my comments the last few days. I'm not sure how they found me or what drew them to a semi-abandoned blog, but they commented on a post the needed follow-up.

In the blog Dog Days I was lamenting on the media attention that Michael Vick was getting. He was a villain. A monster. The lowest of low of humanity. He should have been thrown into the dog ring he was planning to hold between a Rottweiler with a toothache and a rabid, hungry, zombie Chihuahua with a pork chops tied to every conceivable appendage of his body. Vick was seen as deserving of all of the bad things that could be thrown at him.

Now he's a hero.

OH! That reminds me of something else. The elections. Everyone was saying that this was a wake up call to the political insiders. That the radical reversal of party control lines was a clear announcement that the American people want things done differently in Washington (which I believe was the same thing said after the previous election, but I digress). This was the supposed to be the changing of the guard in political game play.

So the rules have changed. And the Republican media handlers have come out and said that they are not going to allow any bills to be passed until the tax breaks are extended.

Yep. It's a new day. Same crap, though.

I have an idea about these problems in Washington. People complain about the politicians. These politicians are career politicians. They are only in it for the money. They don't understand the common man and woman in America. Here is what we should do:

1.)Fire every elected politician at every level of government.
2.)Rewrite the Constitution prohibiting the election of any official.
3.)Put in place a lottery system. Any occupant of the United States would be eligible. No age or cognitive development level required (because obviously that isn't required now). Natural born citizen, naturalized citizen, undocumented occupant, doesn't matter. Just look for a slot and draw a name.
4.)Put all officials in a dormitory, feed them what the Federal rules have put in place for assisting families (food stamps, subsidized food programs, etc), and let them ride the metro.

In this system, no one can complain because "they" didn't put them in office. It wouldn't be about the money because they aren't getting any. And they can't be career because the lottery would be totally random.

And please. Don't tell Glenn Beck or Stephen Colbert about this.
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