Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Welcome back to my corner of the world

I got a really, really cool Christmas present. Probably the greatest thing since sharp thingy's to slice bread.

My beautiful and really smart wife got me a Kindle for Christmas. For those who don't spend most of their time connected to technological doo-hickeys, a Kindle is an electronic/digital book reader. You download books into the device and then read the book.

I've gone through a few books so far. Most of them have been science fiction (because who else would think up a device to store and read thousands of books).

But I just finished a book that really deserved a comment or two. Amazon offers some Kindle books for free. And as someone always looking for something for free, I download a few each week. This week I downloaded Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos.

I typically do not read Christian fiction. I wasn't even sure this one was Christian. When I scanned the description, I wasn't sure what I was getting. But very early in the book I was finding it to be entertaining and engaging. Mikalatos has a snarky style, which I am very comfortable with. Imagine Lewis Carrol reading C.S. Lewis and pushing Mere Christianity and Screwtape Letters through the looking glass.

Basically this book tells the "semi-autobiographical" spiritual journey of Mikalatos to discover Jesus. Along the way he encounters a wide variety of Jesus'. From his home town to 1st century Israel and back, Matt joins Pete and Daisy as they confront the many different Jesus persona that exist today.

I admit that I'm not sure if I like the book. It didn't leave me comfortable but challenged me with my own Jesus. I think I may have to revisit this one at different places in my life.

If you are sensitive to your own flavor of faith, this book is not going to be easy. But if you don't mind a little challenge to your faith this will give you a little shove in a safe way.
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