Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Hearty Hi Yo Silver

Who was that masked man?

Better yet, who was the goof ball with the dead bird on his head???

Yep, I broke down and went to see The Lone Ranger.

I remember in days of yesteryear, sitting in front of my Nanny and Pappaw's television to watch some of the great oldie but goody shows. The Lone Ranger was one of them. He was one of the earliest heroes I remember watching. I loved the black and white. I loved the shoot em ups. I loved the white hat. Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels are always going to be the only Lone Ranger and Tonto.

I remember there being a movie in the early '80's. I don't remember watching it until it came on television. I don't remember much else.

When I heard of the Johnny Depp version, my first thought was, "This is going to stink. But I'll go see it anyway." As the release date approached, my opinion never changed. As I watched the trailer, my opinion did not waver. When I walked into the theater to see it, I was resolute in my opinion.

But something weird happened. About 30 minutes into the movie, my mind played an interesting trick. I began to watch it as two movies running simultaneously. And I liked both of them.

One of the films was a typical Johnny Depp, bizarre character. I loved Captain Jack, Edward Scissorhands, even that weird Ed Wood (I haven't seen Dark Shadows, but want to). This was over the top, strange, and funny. Armie Hammer wasn't bad as Depp's straight man. He couldn't keep up sometimes with Depp's antics, though. And as a Johnny Depp movie, it was better than the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

But the other film was also really good. It was a modernization of The Lone Ranger lore. It was a little darker. The romance was a little more contrived. But you got a gritty telling of his origin. You got the core of his fight for justice. You see the essence of who the Lone Ranger is.

I can't explain why I began to watch it as two films. It was not a conscious effort. I just realized at the end of the movie that I had done it.

And for those who stuck around at the end to watch the credit extra, all I can say is - I hope you got it.