Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I cannot keep quiet with this

I try to keep my politics on the inside. I respect persons on all sides of the issues. I try to listen with compassion to the pain and passion with which they speak. But there are times when even I can't remain silent.

I do not know the person in this share. I support this brave individual, though. It takes some soul searching and serious consideration to make this choice. While I do not agree with everything that is stated, I do support this family in the hard decision they have made.

My comments are not partisan/party based. I don't follow a party platform. I try to examine the issues as they develop. And in my opinion the Affordable Care Act is not a workable solution to the needs of the people. It does not accomplish what was hoped for. It does not bring the need for affordable health care to all people.

It will take hard choices like this on the part of many people to bring attention to an unbalanced and ill-conceived, poorly executed program. The political posturing has taken a legitimate concern in our nation and turned it into a power position.

I have believed that a revolution of some type was building among the people of this nation. There is so much tension between groups that only an event that allows the pressure to be released in a powerful way will turn the tide. My hope is that we do not have to come to physical ends to accomplish this. I would rather see non-violent means such as this to bring attention to the problems that lie under the surface.

I do not encourage everyone to do this. I encourage people to consider the consequences of their choices. I know plenty of people who must make a choice. And in some cases, there is no right and good way to go forward.

My family, for the time being, is in a position that we do not have to make a difficult choice like this and that may remove the authority of my voice. We have benefits and luxuries that the average citizen in this nation never get to take advantage of.

The Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church has provided us with adequate healthcare coverage for our needs. My family cannot complain about what we have had to experience. I bear in mind that the luxury my family experiences comes at the expense of the faithful and good people of the congregations I serve.

I also know, though, that in order to adapt to the system that is now in place under the Affordable Care Act, the churches of our Annual Conference will be facing some hard choices in the next few years.

My heart breaks that there are people suffering in this world from physical, mental, and emotional health issues. The fact that they cannot afford what is readily available in this nation is a travesty.

But I am equally heartbroken that families who have been able to afford health care (sometimes just barely) are now being put into a position where they will lose their ability to take care of themselves.

And it is not just, nor right, nor equal to levy fines against people who are able to financially care for themselves without the burden and hassle of the true problem with our healthcare system, health insurance companies.

I hope and pray that as a nation we could stop the ego-driven, hero-worshiping, blind partisan divisions in order to turn this crisis around. We as a nation have to work together to find a road forward.
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