Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen. The prequel.

This is of no interest to most people that follow me. This will only be of interest to persons who find the stories of Dungeons & Dragons, RPGs, or grown men playing pretend fantasy characters, interesting. Some day I will return to subject matter that no one find interesting.

{For anyone not interested in this but still reading, allow me to put this into context. I like Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games (RPGs). I played in college and had a blast. I was part of a weekly group. We played mostly GURPS. And that in itself was amazingly fun. We played a different world or scenario almost every time we played.

That experience led me to playing the same type of games on computer. But the computer never replaced the experience of gathering with a group of people and talking/imagining through a narrative.

I know that many conservative/fundamentalist Christians have a super- and hyper-negative opinion of Dungeons and Dragons. Nothing I say will ever change their minds. But there is nothing demonic or satanist or mind controlling about playing the game. There is nothing cultist about it.....Well, I should rephrase that. It does get cultist. But don't tell me it is any different than some of the kool-aid drinkers I see on the sidelines at football or basketball games.

I have always wanted to get back to playing D&D or any other rpg. I have amassed a collection of resources to play. The opportunity has not been present until recently. Through a couple of fits and starts, I found a group of folks to play. And we have jumped into the game with both feet. If anyone would like to learn about D&D or even start a game, let me know. I could use another outlet. End of history}

We are playing 5th Edition rules. That is the newest set of rules for Dungeons and Dragons. The really great thing is that the basic rules (everything you need to start playing as a beginner) is available for free at the link I posted above.

We chose to use a published adventure to get our feet wet. We skipped the basic, introductory adventure that is available in the Starter Kit. Instead, we chose Hoard of the Dragon Queen as our adventure. It involves a little bit of previous knowledge. But nothing that is so complicated you can't get into the story.

We began with 4 people. And of the 4, I was the odd man out. The others knew each other. I was the stranger. The unknown element. And I was the DM, dungeon master.

{For those still following who have no clue about D&D or the role of DMs, allow me to interpret. D&D is Dungeons and Dragons. DM is the dungeon master. The dungeon master brings the story to life so the player characters can interact, make decisions, and play their roles.}

I had never DM'd before. It was a new, and intimidating task. And has been a blast. I don't play the game in such a way to defeat the characters. I don't want to destroy the group or kill them off. If they aren't having fun, the game will lose its appeal. If they don't want to play, because it isn't any fun, then I lose.

Our three other characters are the principle actors in the story. Allow me to introduce them:

Berrian is a spymaster. He has learned to be unobtrusive. He learned to find his ways into locked rooms and discover secrets early in life. He became a knowledge broker and important in the city of Waterdeep. As an elf, he has been involved in the spy business for a long time. He was itching to get out of town and find adventure.

D'Akath is a paladin, a righteous warrior. He is also a dragonborn, meaning there was dragon blood in his family line. He was born into a noble family. He began to defend the weak early, by standing up to the bullies his brother faced. Having faced the death of his brother and blaming his father, D'Akath has gone into the world to protect those who could not protect themselves.

Toril Swordspell is a half-elf ranger. He is at home in nature. Orphaned by Orcs, Toril has moved out into the world to discover more about how his parents died and to take his revenge on the Orcs who cross his path.

You will hear about other characters that have joined along the way in this adventure. For now, I will let you wait to hear about them in the context of the story as it unfolds.

Our story begins.....
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