Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Episode 1 - Our story begins.

The Scene setting was done here. And there are spoilers if you want to play this adventure with your own group. Ye be warned!

Berrian was approached by the Harpers (a somewhat clandestine group seeking to keep Faerun safe) to deliver a coded message to a monk in the village of Greenest. The message is coded only for the recipient, Leosin Erlanthar. Berrian engages the assistance of a dragonborn paladin of the deity Denier, and a half-elf ranger. The three journey to Greenest, becoming acquainted along the way.

On the outskirts of the village, the party of travelers sees smoke rising from where the town is located. As they approach and observe, they see the village being raided by parties of human and kobolds. Citizens are fleeing or trying to avoid the raiding parties. Toril, the ranger, is able to stop a villager and ask what is happening. The escaping villager is hysterical with fear and barely able to speak coherently. The villager points to the source of fear and the reason for esacape. A blue dragon is swooping down and attacking the village.

The three adventurers decide to sneak into town to see what assistance they can provide. As they enter the populated area on the edge of the village, they encounter a family being chased by a mob of kobolds. The three heroes jump in to aid this family, the father injured and protecting his children, the mother taking up a spear and defending their escape. But when the kobolds are dispatched, the mother turns on D'Akath. Here was a dragon-faced individual in a town being attacked by kobolds (small reptilian creatures) and being struck by the lightning breath of a blue dragon.

D'Akath is able to smooth-talk her down from running him through with a spear. But she is still reluctant to trust them. They begin to move toward the keep, the only safe place in the village. Along the way, they rescue another party of children. Now with their entourage growing, they ready themselves for the last race across open ground to the waiting gate of the keep.

They take a respite in one of the shops across the green from the keep. Berrian and D'Akath take an opportunity to interrogate one of the kobolds that they captured. But the interrogation is cut short as Linan Swift, the mother protector of her family and the children, rushes to make the short run across the green. As they all move across the open field, a contingent of kobolds run out from the buildings down the street. The adventurers move to provide the defensive front while the family escapes.

They kobolds are quickly eliminated and party is able to get inside the keep just as the gates are closed and secured. But again, instead of the heroes welcome, because of the dragonborn among them, they are met with hostility and distrust. They are led under guard to the governor of Greenest.

The governor is concerned about the safety of his people more than the business of the party in the town. When the party commits themselves to assisting the town, the governor presents them to the master of the keep. He leads the party to a tunnel that passes under the walls of the keep, into a small stream. He provides them a key that will allow them to unlock the gate at the end. If they keep themselves hidden, it will provide a convenient place of entry and exit to the keep.

The three heroes want to return to speak to the governor before heading into the village. The governor has taken their kobold captive for his own interrogation. D'Akath, who has formed an attachment to the kobold, asks only that it be unharmed. The governor allows that the creature will not be harmed. And satisfied, the party exits the keep through the tunnel. Along the path, they are attacked by rats, but they are easily eliminated.

At the end of the tunnel, they find the gate and are able to open it quietly. But no sooner do they exit the tunnel than they find a patrol moving through the stream bed leading to their egress. The three take a savage beating at the hands of the patrol before the heroes are able to get the upper hand. Bloodied and needing to regroup, the party hides in one of the abandoned homes opposite the village along the stream.

Next time.....Champion of Greenest
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