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Dungeons and Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Episode 2 - A Kiss Is But a Kiss...

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This is a playthrough of the game as our table played it. You may not get the same experience, but there are spoilers if you plan to play.

When we left our heroes, the party had been split. Much of it was not of their own choosing. But as you may recall, Berrian, Toril, Elroar, and Jake were tied to a stake in the enemy camp. Their execution was set for the following day. With them was another prisoner (whose fate you shall soon learn). D'Akath had been consigned to a tent with other members of the raiding party and Cult of the Dragon.

Berrian and the prisoner tied with them, strike up a conversation. This is none other than Leosin Erlathar, the one they were sent to deliver a message. Leosin has been tortured and is weak, but he has not given up on his plan to get as much information as possible. He works with Berrian and the others to plan their escape and rescue D'Akath.

D'Akath, meanwhile, is being watched by guards who escorted him to one of the tents of cult members. He listens to the conversation and is able to gain some information about the raiders and their camp. But his effort is interrupted when he is summoned to the tent of Frulam Mondath. Upon his arrival, he anticipates another interrogation. Frulam begins that way, but the conversation takes a turn, a very seductive turn. D'Akath is more than willing to be seduced.

The rest of the party witnesses D'Akath being led into the main tent and believe it is time to act. They were able to untie themselves and attack their guards. Dressing the uniforms of the guards, Berrian moves through the camp to locate their weapons and armor and other belongings. Jake moves through some of the tents looking for their belongings, also, but finds captives from Greenest and other communities captured by the raiders. He brings them back in the effort to rescue them.

In order to move toward their escape, Berrian and Elroar move to the farthest guard tower and set it on fire. Toril and Leosin set a watch over the escape route, up the ladder to the guard tower they attacked before. With the tasks complete, the party moves to "rescue" D'Akath. Hearing sounds of a "struggle" inside, Toril moves swiftly to cut his way into the tent. He finds Frulam and D'Akath engaged in something less violent. But still needing to recover D'Akath, he knocks Frulam unconscious. Comrades almost come to blows, but they quickly recover and depart.

The party is able to escape the encampment and return to Greenest without being accosted. Leosin invites the party to return to his own inn to discuss the next phase of the operation. D'Akath returns to the keep to collect their fee and report their findings. Instead of finding Escobert, D'Akath is greeted by a thankful Governor Nighthill, who gladly pays for the work of the party.

Leosin waits for D'Akath to return before discussing his needs. His initial plan was to uncover the plans of the Cult of the Dragon. The message that Berrian brought changes his plan. He must move toward Elturel and meet with others in the work against the cult. But Leosin needs to know what the Cult will continue to do. He asks the party if they would be willing to return to the encampment and observe their movements then report of changes.

The party is willing and return the encampment the next morning. Thinking that the encampment would be the same, they are surprised to see the camp nearly abandoned. The camp is partially burned and the majority of guards are gone. Jake and Toril infiltrate a party of hunters to discover more about what has happened. Berrian, D'Akath, and Elroar observe from the plateau. The observation is that the activity has moved from the camp into a cavern in the back of the canyon.

The hunting party returns and Toril joins another party. Jake remains in the hunters camp. But he was dressed in the armor of a cult guard. A superior officer discovers Jake, assumes he is a guard slacking on his duties, and drags him back into the cavern. Berrian begins to move down the plateau and sneak into the cavern. D'Akath and Elroar wait for Toril's return.

Next time....Into the Depths
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