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Dungeons and Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Episode 3 - Here There Be Dragons - ish

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This is a playthrough of the game as our table played it. You may not get the same experience, but there are spoilers if you plan to play.

Berrian was able to sneak his way down to the opening of the cavern. From his vantage point, he saw guards standing just inside. They appeared to be more than he could handle. Signaling his comrades on the rim of the canyon to his intentions, Berrian slipped into the tent where he could continue to watch the opening for activity.

D'Akath and Elroar waited for Toril to rejoin them. Upon his arrival, they bring their comrade up to speed on the doings. Toril is quick to introduce the two to a new companion, a sleek panther that Toril developed a rapport with on his last hunting excursion. The four then move to rejoin Berrian and develop their plan of attack.

Along the path to enter the canyon, the four members of the party encounter another team of adventurers. These were sent by Leosin to support the heroes. Together, they slip into the canyon, and meet with Berrian in the tent. After introductions, and a brief scuffle between the dragonborn D'Akath and a gnome barbarian with a bad opinion, the plan was conceived to approach the cavern as if they belonged in the camp. Leodithis, a member of the support team Leosin had sent and a bard by trade, decided to join with our party that was entering the cavern. The rest of Leosin's support team would remain in the tent to assist if needed.

As the team enters the cavern, the two guards that Berrian spotted are not at their posts. The party begins to sneak farther into the cavern. The two guards then spring their ambush. They had retreated a little deeper into the cavern and had taken up positions to attack. Overwhelmed by the number in the party, the guards were swiftly and quietly dealt with.

The cavern continued deeper, but our party found a set of rooms and chose to explore those. One of the rooms was a guard barracks filled with guards and cultist. D'Akath, using his overwhelming charisma, shocks and convinces the occupants that he is an officer and orders them to a physical endurance test of running 10 miles. His charm didn't last when four of the cultists saw the dead guards in the antechamber. They turned upon the party and attacked. Bottlenecked by the narrow tunnels, Berrian and D'Akath fight the cultists. At the same time Toril and Elroar investigate an emptied treasure room and Leodithis helps himself to some treasure in the barracks.

After mowing through the four cultists, the party continues to examine the rooms they have discovered. Berrian sneaks forward into the next chamber and discovers Frulam Mondath's private chambers. She has moved from the tent outside and is now sitting at her desk examining some documents. Berrian moves to attack and opens the way for an assault on the cleric. She is overwhelmed by 4 of the party and the panther, Shadowrazor. D'Akath stalks up to her, lying prone on the floor from Shadowrazor's attack, and drives his sword directly into her heart. With her dying breath, she declares the pain she felt for losing D'Akath.

Berrian investigates the room and discovers that the treasure has been moved. It's destination is to the north. This information was exactly what Leosin sent them to discover. But Berrian also finds within the documents on Frulam's desk poetic writings seeming to declare her affection for D'Akath. Berrian withholds that information.

Shadowrazor had nearly fallen into a shaft in the rear of the room upon his initial entry to the room. Now that the party has time to investigate, they find a rope that leads down to a lower floor. Berrian and Toril investigate. They discover a temple to Tiamat. And in that temple, seemingly at prayer, was Longdedrosa Cyanwrath, the half-dragon that fought D'Akath at Greenest.

They swiftly decide to attack. Moving quietly down the shaft, the party enters the temple chamber and surprises the occupants. Cyanwrath has two guards watching over him. The initial attack wounds Cyanwrath. But upon seeing D'Akath, Cyanwrath asks if they should continue their contest from Greenest. D'Akath is willing and eager.

They agree to a fight between the two and all other companions are to stay back. Cyanwrath leads with his lightening breath to soften D'Akath. But after that initial onslaught, D'Akath resolves himself and lands blow upon blow upon the injured Cyanwrath. The final blow sends him to the ground, defeated.

With the half-dragon defeated, the companions swiftly strike down the bezerker companions of Cyanwrath. They retreat to the barracks to tend their wounds and plan for the continuation of their mission.

Will they save Jake from the farm of State?
Will they discover greater treasurer in the cavern?
Will they make it out alive?

Tune in next time for......
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