Friday, January 20, 2017

My fictional world

Writing fiction is something I have thought about for nearly 20 years. It began in seminary. I don't know what started it. I can't point a finger at the impetus for it. I only know that sometime during seminary, I began to write down story ideas. And I still have those notes. They are going to be the seeds for Friday Fictions.

I don't plan on being an author. There are plenty of other fiction writers that do a much better job than I ever will. I may eventually try my hand at publishing them through Amazon's service, but who knows. I just know that I have stories that bounce around in my brain. And they want to come out. I also want to get them out. I would like to free up some hard drive space in the mental attic.

A lot of the ideas I came up with during that time were allegories. They grew out of the intense period of study and introspection that seminary requires. The allegories are the ramblings of a young theologue. I had so many new concepts and models paraded before me that I needed to form a temporary construct to handle all of them. Those constructs are weak after 20 years of practical ministry. But they are ripe for plundering for fantasy and fiction.

Most of the things that I will be attempting to write will be science fiction, fantasy, or potential history/alternate history. By the last, I mean to "fill in the blanks" on historical events or lives. I have two stories that are newer than my original notes. They are potential history pieces. They are attempts to fill in the blanks that are left. They just happen to be about biblical characters. They developed, once again, as constructs to deal with new concepts or processing of thoughts.

If you have ever wondered what I do with all my wild and crazy thoughts gleaned from study, here is the answer. They get turned into fictional stories.

And now I am going to attempt my hand at forming those ideas into words.

Here are the plot seeds:
  • A space exploration story that centers on the corruption of the indigenous species of life by human intervention.
  • A class of people have such a high level of empathy for others that they can experience the passing of someone from life into death.
  • Aliens arrive on Earth claiming to be the origin of life.
  • A committed soldier is transferred to a field hospital unit and must deal with saving lives instead of taking them.
  • A techno-mage transforms people into semi-human or sub-human creatures in return for healing their sickness, infirmities, injuries. 
  • A person is tossed out of their own time, into the future, and must bring wisdom to a severely handicapped society. 
  • A comic book team of heroes
  • The story of Joseph, the step-father of Jesus
  • Apostle Paul the heretic
 Nothing is original here. I wasn't attempting to find some new thought or a story that hasn't been told. Some of these are my way to re-imagine some of my favorite characters or books. Some of them are just playing on the easy ideas of science fiction and fantasy. I really don't have much imagination to create something original. I just like taking what is available and making it my own.

Here is the interactive portion of this post: If you see something that you think might be interesting, let me know. I might just bump those ideas to the front of the line to write.