Friday, February 24, 2017


Sorry for the lag in writing.

For the major portion of this week, I have been either flat on my back or seeking correction for what put me on my back.

Monday, I experienced a severe pain in my lower back. It forced me to remain very still or I would experience sharp pains. I have since learned that it is two bulging discs in my lower lumbar region. This was discovered after a trip to the emergency room, a 6 hour round trip to get an MRI, and a lot of sitting, waiting, and stewing over the pace at which modern medicine progresses.

I am considerably better now. I can sit up, walk around, bend down (over is still not a good idea), and do the same things I was before, only slower.

Part of the slowing was being on pain medications and muscle relaxers to ease the stress on my back. That led to some very fuzzy thinking processes.

But I am on the mend. And will resume writing next week. If all goes well this weekend.

Stay tuned.