Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Eddie the Eagle: a movie review

Eddie the Eagle movie review

Lisa and I were going to see Eddie the Eagle when it came out in theaters in 2016. Circumstances didn’t allow for that to happen then. We bought it on home video this past holiday season (when we get movies really cheap). And last night, we finally got to watch it.

This is a great, feel good movie. If you are a fan of Rudy, you should watch this film. It is the same theme of “never quit, never give up” plucky main character. This is based on a true story of 1988 British ski jump Olympian Eddie Edwards. You want to cheer him on as he encounters roadblocks and overcomes them. You want to celebrate with him as he competes at different levels. You (or at least Lisa did) want to bop one character on the nose and put them in their place.

It was timely to watch this movie this week. Two stories on the news popped the morning after we watched it.

The first was the story of Elizabeth Swaney. She is an American competing in the half-pipe ski event for the Hungarian team. There are many of the same points of connection between her and the story of Edwards that some are making the connection and calling her this year’s Eddie The Eagle. She has another story of determination to fulfill a dream when others may not see the need to pursue it.

The other story is about the cost of sending Olympians to the games. The cost is sometimes overwhelming. Not all potential Olympians have the security blanket of ongoing endorsements and sponsors. Some of them struggle to make a living while attempting to compete in their field of expertise. Not all Olympic athletes are professionals. Some are gifted amateurs who have to follow the circuits and pay their own way. The movie points out how Eddie had to struggle to make his way.

The film came out 2 years ago. It was the Summer games year. It really highlights the Winter games, though. It would be a great movie to watch this week or in the aftermath of the Olympic events.

It is family appropriate, for the most part. There are a couple of scenes where sexual activity is hinted at and some non-explicit, implied male nudity.

And Hugh Jackman keeps his clothes on (sorry Lisa).