Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pinstripe in a black and white world

Sorry for the delay friends and family.

Have you noticed the amount of pressure in the culture lately? I have been watching, listening, and thinking about the increasing tension and pressure that is filling our lives. Let me give you some examples of this pressure.

- A crisis pregnancy center is being accused of underhanded tactics to "prevent" women from receiving an abortion. The oppositional writer accuses the group of seeking to "limit and, in some cases, prevent women from exploring their legal options for health care." Click here for the full article.

- The United Methodist Judicial Council stood by its decisions regarding the role of a pastor in determining a person's readiness to be received in membership. Now the both sides of the homosexual issue have fuel for the fires of rhetoric. As if they didn't have an out of control wildfire before.

- On a "conservative" talk radio show a caller was relating the story of his now defunct engagement. He and the fiance were living together and were to be married. But now the engagment is off and the young lady must move out of his house. The problem being they disagreed on the immigration issue. She was Hispanic. He was Anglo. He now sees her as an illegal and she sees him as a racist.

- In the political parties there is a growing battle to impeach President Bush. I sense an attitude of "you impeached my President, now we're going to impeach yours".

This is getting out of hand. People used to say that we didn't live in a black and white world. There were shades of gray and a rainbow of diversity. But it seems that in the last few years. the lines of rainbow are thinner and less pronounced. The shades of gray are becoming much easier to distinguish between the blacks and whites. And I am NOT talking about race. I am talking about the segregation of people based on ideology - not skin color.

I see only one end to this increasing tension - revolution. But the type of revolution will be more akin to the revolutions of the 18th and 19th century. The dreams of Ghandi and Dr. King are going to get trampled. We are quickly losing the ability to peacefully resolve the issues that are dividing us.

This truly sounds hopeless. I believe there is hope. But I don't think the world wants to hear it. In fact, I don't think the world can stomach it at this point. In this climate of personal rights and lip-service to tolerance, those who are divided may as well just prepare themselves for the long battle to be waged.

But for those with ears to hear and who have the level of maturity to accept, you know the answer already.

May peace be with you.
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