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Taste of Sex and Gender

Well, my last post seemed to be a little offensive, defensive, or negative to some readers. Sorry to scare the few of you who read it. I'm just feeling a bit negative about the trajectory of the nation and how much people don't really care for peace, justice, or coming to terms with differences. Today, I want to make some notes on something that I'm working out. Gender and sexuality have become topics of reading and reflection for me since coming out. There is a lot of confusion about the two. I have been trying to develop an image to help people get the way that gender and sexuality are different. I also see a lot of people trying to keep them separate categories. That isn't fair. There are overlapping concerns between gender and sexuality that require keeping them in connection while dealing with them as separate aspects of personhood. So here is my crazy "shower idea". Gender and sexuality can be compared to tasting something. When you taste something, ther

Waking up to a new realization

WARNING!!!!!! THIS IS A POLITICAL OBSERVATION POSTING  WARNING!!!!! We are living through something I never thought we would see. I knew that a time was coming when we would see the devolution of the democratic republic into something more militaristic in its adherence to one extreme or the other. I always pictured that happening over a couple of presidential cycles to allow for a slow erosion of stability in the authority of the other branches of government. The one thing we could always rely on was the system of checks and balances between the branches.   In 3/4th of a single term in office, we have seen the efficacy of both the Legislative and Judicial branches reduced to near ineffectiveness. The current Executive branch has effectively established itself as a single authoritative voice and actor in guiding the nation. The events in the first two years built a foundation of instability within the Legislative branch. How many fully processed bills have passed across the Presiden

A Firestarter In My Life

When I was in college, I was a fresh faced young pup from a little spot on a so utheastern Oklahoma road. Th en I met the man in this picture. He ignited something within me. Davis Joyce was my (FAV ORITE) professor of history subjects. He advised me every semester on my journey through undergraduate studies (and was quite happy when that journey led me into the history department for my major). He taught me to DO history right; to respect ALL points of view; and to write. Today, I wanted to dedicate a little bit of time to him. See, he didn't just fade into my educational history (so to speak). We reconnected later. He is now one of my dearest friends and ardent supporters in my journey of authentic self-discovery. I don't get to see him as often. We talk by email and phone. He still teaches me every time we talk. The thing that he ignited within me, though, was a fire for something that I allowed others to force me to hide under a bushel basket. Davis was a justice warrior a
How much longer? How much further? How much animosity and anger and hate can we stand? How much division and conflict can we contain? Something will pop the bubble. Something will be an unstoppable force It will cause the events to roll to an inevitable conclusion. Race, gender, sexuality, Prosperity and poverty Better future or glorious past It will be small but powerful It will seem insignificant to future historians But we stand on the verge of a tragedy None of us will be unmarked Some of us will not survive But the only truth we must agree on We all are living this now we have created

Beginning of the beginning

I don't know how most people feel about the transformation I am going through. I have a few who have let me know. Many, many more of the people in my sphere of influence are silent. Some who are silent have gone silent in the weeks since I have gone public with my gender identity. I feel that I have lost friends and maybe some family to this transformation. And perhaps this next revelation will cause me to lose more, but I want to share the next phase of my journey. I began taking hormone replacement therapy. This is a medically observed course of increasing daily hormone treatments. I felt that it was necessary to begin on this therapy due to my desire to begin living as Genevieve full time. The treatments will cause my body, internally and externally, to change. It will also play a role in my thoughts and feelings being transformed. Here are some facts of what I will experience to varying degrees as I progress: 1) Physical - skin will become a bit drier and thinner,  pores w


I hear the word "trailblazer" a lot lately. Perhaps you have seen the painting I posted. It is a portrayal of Daniel Boone leading settlers through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. Daniel Boone was considered a trailblazer. A trailblazer is someone who makes a new track or path through wild and unmarked territory. People who have been helping me stay grounded in the upheaval of life I am experiencing are trying to encourage me with the word "trailblazer". Coming out as transgender isn't new territory - a lot of people have blazed that trail. Being a clergy person isn't new - we have a history of clergy and laity who have accepted calls into a ministry of all sorts. Even being a transgender clergy person is a path that has been laid before. For Oklahoma United Methodists, it is a new frontier. The friends who have continued to support me through this journey are doing their best to understand. My family has experienced back and forth days of dealing