Friday, May 19, 2006

Today is the day

DaVinci Hits the Screens

If you have been under a rock, then you are probably not reading this.

If you have been paying attention, you understand that the most chaos producing movie of the last year is released today. The DaVinci Code arrives in a theater near you. Are you going to see it?

If you are, let me share with you some of the advance screening hype.

It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. They said things like,

Hollywood Reporter
Entertainment weekly
E! Online
So those are some of the early reviews. I don't present these to keep you from going to see the movie. In fact, I encourage you to go see it. I don't think that reviewers make a big difference in viewer preference anymore. Word of mouth is how things are promoted today with greatest results.

But word of mouth is what started this ballyhoo to begin with. Someone who read the book told someone who read the book how good it was. It spread across the country and world like that. My guess is that this movie will have a great opening weekend. If people enjoy the flow of the movie, it will make some pretty good money for a week or two. But I wouldn't hold my breath. In the next few weeks the new X-Men 3 (which I am looking forward to), the new Jennifer Aniston movie, a new horror movie, and Disney's latest. Based on the reviews (and these reviewers aren't the high-brow, haughty-taughty, artsy types), I don't think this film will stay on top very long.

Now, I have not seen this movie yet. Notice, I have not put my opinion of the movie anywhere in here. I have only made a guess based on others opinions and upcoming competition. Yes, I will see it...sometime. I don't feel compelled to see it anymore. I will save my movie for a better movie - X-Men 3.

Let me leave you with one last review. I respect Dr. Ben Witherington's opinion about a lot. I don't necessarily see the same way on all things. But I like his review of the movie. I also like the caution he gives to Christians. Read what he has to say and prepare yourself for this movie.
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